Scatter Brained

So winter break is here, meaning that a whole month is about to happen where I have nothing to do but be awesome. (AKA I don’t have to read hundreds of pages of peer reviewed journal articles or write multiple 20 page papers). So far, I have managed to catch up on some sweet sweet shows, not wash my hair daily, and snuggle my dog. (In case you were wondering, yes beagles DO make excellent pillows!)

Myself, and my fellow cohort of 7 Communication majors have managed to survive the first term of Grad school, and I think it is safe to say there was no coasting involved. One of the first classes you are required to take is Quantitative Methods, and yes, it is as scary as it sounds. Math people. You go into Comm strictly to avoid anything with numbers, aside from TV stations and radio dials. So we all picked some topics, researched them, created some surveys, and gathered data. And the majority of us failed to support our hypothesis…wah wah. No published articles for these first year Grad students.

I did however, manage to establish a relationship between Social Media sites and self-esteem (I will pat myself on the back for you. You’re welcome and surely impressed, both by my brain and arm flexibility.) It was a positive relationship, so in other words don’t feel bad about spending all day Facebooking it up. You will totes feel better about yourself for doing it.

Anyways, when you establish a relationship between two variables, you get to create an awesome scatter plot to visually show how the two correlate (Correlation tests yo. Stats are easy when the computer does all the work!)

So here is what a scatter plot looks like when you have a strong correlation.


It’s pretty much a line. Got it? And here is what mine looked like…


There is a line in there somewhere. Maybe if you squint. Or maybe it is like 3D and if you get really close and cross your eyes you will find it. You can bet your ass I showed this beautiful piece of artwork off in class. I didn’t know what to say about it, so I just stated the obvious. “Here is my awesome scatter plot attempting to form a line.”

Ahhhhh finding support for a research hypothesis…

3 thoughts on “Scatter Brained

      1. Geoff (@TheAngryMailGuy)

        Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. Of course! Also, if you connected the dots in the proper way, you could make a butterfly/moth thingy.

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