It’s my Birthday, bring on the FREE STUFF!

So if I could offer one piece of advice, and yes I did this when I had a full time job before I was in Grad school, it would be to sign up for as many e-mail clubs as you can. Seriously. Just delete the few e-mails they send throughout the year and on your birthday you shall feast like a Queen! Being in grad school and making only enough to pay my rent, this free feasting makes me very happy indeed. So far, a free dinner at Pastini (some Oregon Italian joint), free dinner at Flat Top (make your own stir fry – if you don’t like Flat Top it is your own fault for being a sucky stir fry maker), free ice cream at Baskin Robbins, and a bunch of buy one get one coupons that make me a sad Panda. I want all or nothing. Still expecting some schtuff from Moe’s, Ben and Jerry’s, and Benihana.

Heed my advice minions, and sign up now! Sometimes they give you free stuff just for signing up.


2 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday, bring on the FREE STUFF!

    1. jennaraetor

      Of course it’s not worth it! You have to buy a meal to get a free dessert there. I’m all or nothing. I don’t want your stupid buy one get one coupons. It’s my birthday, I demand respect, and a free burrito!

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