Cognitive Dissonance: Break it Down

Grad school = jumping straight into concepts you either never talked about or forgot about after 3 years of absence from school. Dear professors (or do you call them Doctors?). Dear Doctor Professors, I worked in radio for 3 years, we don’t really have a lot of times that require us to use anything we learned from college except how to run a board and be on the air. I swear I felt like an idiot for 8 of the 10 weeks in the first term, and I am 97.3% sure the same thing will happen for the other 5 coming up.

So there are concepts and terms that people in Grad school throw around a lot and when they do, this is how I feel:


Just the confused part, not the Justin Bieber part. I don’t know how to feel like an adolescent Canadian super star. (But if I did, I would revel in it and soak it up like I was in a big bubbly claw foot bath tub).

So I have learned that I have to break concepts down to simpler ideas to understand them.

One of the ideas that somehow is brought up into ever class discussion (seriously, even outside of the class. Just talk like normal people!) is Cognitive Dissonance. So how does Jenna break down the big scary CD theory? Simple: Taylor Swift y’all!

It hurts me. It hurts me real bad. How are you a famous performer when you consistently sound like crap live? I should hate her. BUT I DON’T! I have to give her props because she can write catchy song. Pop songs are like butter to Swifty and she can churn them out. (Yep, you use similes in Grad school too, but metaphors ALOT more).

So there is my dissonance. My love of all things music tells me to dislike Taylor Swift because she just cannot sing, but studios take care of this for her albums. However, her songs are always stuck in my head and I LIKE the majority of them, as much as it pains me. WHY?!

So the lesson here, when in doubt break things down to something that makes sense to you. Such as my hate for T-Swift, but love for her freaking catchy pop songs.


2 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance: Break it Down

    1. jennaraetor

      That’s because you need to but in it a context that makes since to YOU! It means having conflicting ideas. I dislike Swifty because she cannot sing, however I always have her damn songs in my head and listen to them when I work out. I want to dislike her, because she blows, but I can’t, because she doesn’t completely blow. Also, Biebs was here like the first 2 weeks I lived here. If I had to sit through one whole Taylor Swift song live, I would probably beat my head against a wall.

      You’re cold Anne, like my wife’s lasagna! Bah dun dum.

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