Throw Your Hands Up! (Or just throw up).

And another birthday begins with me vomiting outside of a living space. After 26 years you think I would have learned, but I just haven’t. Oh well, lesson learned (but obviously not because I keep drinking multiple types of alcohol in one night, beer before liquor, etc. and throwing up in stranger’s yards, drive ways, bushes, and streets). So now I am 26, and while writing this I have decided that my New Year’s resolution is to not throw up in 2013. Aside from food poisoning or a stomach flu, I think I can stick to this one.

Since yesterday was my birthday, the man drove far away to the outskirts of Portland to get me a Cheesecake Factory feast! This was eaten by me:


and also this: In the words of Rihanna, Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.


I wish it was my birthday again today so that I could eat this all over again. Mmmmmm. Unfortunately my tummy still hurts from the birthday booze that happened on SATURDAY. I am old and my body is letting me know it.

Also, I spent the last week waiting for the delivery man to come give me a basket of meat and cheese courtesy of Anne GosserHarris. This morning my doorbell rang. It was a man to fix my drain. He did not come bearing such delicious gifts. Sadsies.

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