New Year’s Resolutions: 2013

So another new year is upon us. I have been alive for 26 of these things, maybe 27 but I refuse to do the math. Anyways, I never make these but seeing as I have some stuff I want to, ney, need to do before I get too old, I decided to try my hand at some this year. I am poor and pressed for time so they have to be pretty easy. So here we go:

1. Get Nick Lopez to Dropbox me Mumford and Sons Road to Red Rocks.

2. Go see a show at Red Rocks. (This has been a goal of mine sincde Live at Red Rocks came out my senior year of high school. If the show could be Incubus, that would be even better. In fact, I would count that as TWO goals accomplished.)

3. Go to a new country. Again, poor and pressed for time so Canada it is! Might as well mark it off the list while I live relatively close to Vancouver.

4. Get a part time job. Hopefully this one is accomplished in January. Momma needs money. Dave Ramsey would NOT be proud of the fact that I spend more money than I make. Jenna’s bank account is not happy about this either.

5. Learn to sew. This one can happen after I get a part time job. No money, no hobbies.

6. Don’t get fat. Yes, not lose weight, just don’t gain any. I like where I am now but I also really like cheese and chocolate so I must learn to balance this.

7. Camp at a national park.

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