Little by Listen

Two Gallants
Doug Fir Lounge
Portland, OR (obviously (eye roll))

Two Gallants, live, band

So this past Saturday I went to my first concert here in Portland (I feel like this should have happened way sooner, but Grad school commands just a bit of dedication…). I decided to tag along with my friend Ashley to see one of her favorite bands, Two Gallants, at the Doug Fir; a decked out lob cabin of sorts in in the basement of a hotel/restaurant. I would describe it as a cabin fit for Tom Haverford and Entertainment Seven Twenty (If you don’t get that reference, shame on you). Now I had never heard of TG, so I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into. For the record, there was definitely not a lack of beards, flannels, and sweet thrift store sweaters, but this is Portland so I’m pretty sure that happens almost everywhere.

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Cocks, Sacks, Boxes, and Nuts: Just Another Day in Grad School

Seriously, we talked about everything listed in the title in 2 hours. In fact, the word cock was said 34 times during those 120 minutes. However, since it was Qualitative Methods, it was relative to Geertz’s study of the Balinese and cock fighting.

So when you think cock, think of this:


Side note: I was so sad that I didn’t think to wear my awesome Modcloth rooster dress for class this day…


I think I will wear it next week in hopes that we have some over lay or recap of Geertz again. I want to feel like Miss Frizzle!


I think she would wholeheartedly approve of my rooster dress, even if no one else in class would appreciate it. It’s decided, the dress is happening nest week.

Onto Sacks, see it is capitalized because we were talking about…


The great Sociologist Harvey Sacks. (Didn’t see that coming did you. Suckers!)

Boxes and nuts weren’t as exciting. I think it was “in a nutshell” and of course, you can’t be in grad school without hearing the lovely, cliche phrase…


Probably not as exciting as you thought, but hey, it’s grad school. We aren’t that dirty. (At least in class…)


Young The Giant – St. Walker

I couldn’t help myself, so a double does of YtG it is. This is my favorite song right now, you should listen to it, enjoy it, and then get the CD (it’s a good’un). These dudes are definitely on my list of bands I need to see live. I am sad I missed out on them with Incubus (my favorite band ever). That would have been a sickkkkkk show.

Binaries: Give me a 1, Give me a 0, Give me a 1, Give me a 0!

Binaries. My adorable and vertically challenged classmate friend Ashley brought them up in class once. Or maybe just it. Binary? I am too lazy to look up if it can be plural so YOU do some research and figure it out! Anyways, this is the reason I bring my laptop to class, so that when everyone in class who is smarter than me brings something up, I can Google it and try to act like I knew what they were talking about the whole time.

See, when I think of binary, I think of this:


…because I literally was required to learn to read and write binary code for Audio Production. Can I read it now? Not past “Hey, there is a bunch of 1’s and 0’s!”. Or 10s. Or 100’s.

So connecting binary code to a use of binary: on one side there is a 0 and on the other a 1. They are opposites and there can’t really be anything in between. Which is typically not how the world works, and why binaries (a binary?) are (is?) not an accurate or logical way to analyze things.

At least that is how I am choosing to apply this theory, because it sounds good to me.

Help me win the chance to blog about fashion!

I really really really want to win a chance to blog with @modcloth for a year to showcase that I can in fact, write charming and witty blog posts. If you know me, you know I love dresses and Modcloth so this combination would be perfect! If you don’t know me, well now you know that fact. I would get a dress a month and the chance to blog about styling that dress, which wouldbe featured on their website.

So help a girl’s dream come true would ya! I would love you forever and ever amen.


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