Binaries: Give me a 1, Give me a 0, Give me a 1, Give me a 0!

Binaries. My adorable and vertically challenged classmate friend Ashley brought them up in class once. Or maybe just it. Binary? I am too lazy to look up if it can be plural so YOU do some research and figure it out! Anyways, this is the reason I bring my laptop to class, so that when everyone in class who is smarter than me brings something up, I can Google it and try to act like I knew what they were talking about the whole time.

See, when I think of binary, I think of this:


…because I literally was required to learn to read and write binary code for Audio Production. Can I read it now? Not past “Hey, there is a bunch of 1’s and 0’s!”. Or 10s. Or 100’s.

So connecting binary code to a use of binary: on one side there is a 0 and on the other a 1. They are opposites and there can’t really be anything in between. Which is typically not how the world works, and why binaries (a binary?) are (is?) not an accurate or logical way to analyze things.

At least that is how I am choosing to apply this theory, because it sounds good to me.

2 thoughts on “Binaries: Give me a 1, Give me a 0, Give me a 1, Give me a 0!

  1. Firstly, I think it is just binary (no plural). But I am no expert in computers. In fact what I know about all this is lethal. I am a philosophy major and find your statement that binary is opposite and that is not how the world works very insightful. Of course there is no black and white in real life; there are always exceptions and morals to take into consideration. However, we have to face the fact that we are living in an ever evolving world and that our world is being governed by machines and computers (to which everything is black and white, binary opposites). For example, big institutions such as banks and universities enter criteria for who to accept or grant a loan to into the system. If one does not match the exact criteria, one is denied. So, one cannot help but ask, are some aspects of our lives not governed by the binary code?

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