The Neighbourhood: A Review

So we went to a .94 cent show this past weekend, which was actually free since it was sold out and people were just handing out the extra tickets they bought in advance. Can’t beat that! The show was at the Crystal Ballroom, which I expected to be bigger for some reason, I suppose because I lot of people play there, but it was you’re average smaller band venue (think House of Blues or Murat). The first band was two chicks (I didn’t realize how frequent the whole two person band thing was) and we couldn’t quite figure out if they were good enough, but the lead singer was so bouncy and cute I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. For the record, they were Chaos Chaos.

The next band was called White Arrows and I googled them to find out that they were a Psycho Tropic group from Florida. I was in from the description alone. I want to be in a psycho tropic band! The were good, a legit live band. However, after a few songs I was sort of annoyed by the singer’s voice. It reminded my of Vampire Weekend or some band on the same vein as that. Something I’ve heard before.  The crowd was really digging it though, so I can’ hate too much.

…but then I listened to the song above and didn’t make it through because his voice annoyed me again.

On to The Neighbourhood (don’t forget the u, this is some UK shit right here). I had only heard one song from them

This one!

I was digging it when I heard it so I figured what the heck, I’ve got .94 cents (but it was free).  They were great. I think I’d get sick of the EP after a bit because it seems to all be on the same kind of darker, slower, sort of soulful page and you know, variety is the spice of life. But, homeboy could sing. For not knowing much about the band the crowd was on fyah (fire). They did a cover/mashup of Destiny’s Child and JT (me!) so that was fun. I would recommend checking them out.

I like this little ditty

I’m also very thrilled when a singer can actually sing, and this dude did. He had this very soulful voice, one that could work in a multitude of music forms.

Like I said, they don’t have a lot, just an ep, but it’s nice to jam too when it’s raining or you’re not in a particularly super fly mood. Or you  know, whenever the hell you want because it’s your life and I won’t tell you what to do.

Only Some of the Boys Came

You might not have known it, but by reading that phrase you automatically assumed that not all of the boys were coming. When you say some, it implies that not all will be there, even though technically you could say some of the boys are coming, and the other boys are coming too. If all of them are coming, then some of them and SOME MORE of them could indeed, also be coming. Ah pragmatics. You would probably never say some of the boys were coming when referring to all of them though. That would make you a big weirdo.

Now you might be wondering why I chose to use the example of boys coming, because I should know as not only a grad student, but a human being, that this example sounds dir-tay. BUT THIS IS THE EXAMPLE MY PROFESSOR USED IN CLASS. And we discussed it for about 5 minutes. No matter how mature you are, you can’t help but giggle at this. And I feel like he does these things on purpose (i.e. the Cock blog post). It happens at least every other class. Those doctors have dirty minds, albeit brilliant minds, but dirty. Then we talked about the girls coming, and the word massive was used also.

The lesson of this blog is, the longer you go to school the sexier the classes get. The beer was warm. (This was an example used with a story about a picnic, but I’ll let you go to grad school to figure it out).

Incubus: Switchblade

I don’t care what anyone says, I am a fan of Incubus. ALL Incubus. I like their multiple directions, different types of music they have tried. And this was the strangest song off of their newest album, in my opinion. Also, I love live things, and recently obtained the HQ album, so that’s what I am jamming on. I wish I had a black hat. Sometimes I have eyes of jade, so I’m close…

Jenna’s Random Writings

I used to write a lot. Some of them I don’t hate. Here’s one, because why not?

Did you miss me too much?

When you were falling in love?

And is everything you wanted,

Still everything you got?

Do those scars still sting

With regret of that choice

Every time you hear

the sound of her voice?

Time spent thinking of you starts to expire

Because I know you weren’t ever enough

And you’re just a bad liar

Whose run out of good luck.

It’s just like you

To not know what you were getting into

To say that you can take it

When you knew we’d never make it

And it’s just like you

To make me fall apart

Before I got the chance

to break your heart.


Black Veil Brides and the Semi Structured Interview

So, I have 151 pages to read for my qualitative methods class this week. I am on page 5, and this writing style is not impressive. I keep reading and thinking, “How did this ish get published?” Oy vey. Anywho, the topic is interviewing, which I got to do a lot of in radio. I say go to, because even though it made me extremely nervous, I actually enjoyed doing it. The first interview type the book mentions is semi-structured, where you prepare the questions but the interview basically takes on a mind of its own. One question leads to some response that you didn’t expect, which then leads down a different path of questions. Homie who wrote the book says that this can work out or it can be unsuccessful. Unsuccessful being where the interview yields no useful information. Then a light bulb went off in my head: Rock on the Range 2010! Once upon a time I spent two days interviewing a bunch of bands at the Columbus based rock festival, most of which answered my questions and didn’t stray too far from the path, even when they were high (cough, Aaron Lewis, cough) or drunk (me after the second day of interviews…WEEEEEE free beer). And then there was the Black Veil Brides. Dude would not answer a single question I asked, so I rolled with it, but no information was gained. I get it, you have a persona to keep up that doesn’t include my job, but come on, at least answer ONE question about your band! I had five written down on my fancy notepad, and I think I got to ask one. Andy (this makes 3 blogs now buddy) insists that this interview is entertaining, but I disagree. He wanted to fluster me, but my mind is just as odd as his. And then somehow this shit got thousands of views. In all honesty, I probably would have done something similar if I was in his shoes. He had to walk around (in the middle of May in vinyl pants) and interview with every different station there. It still grinds my gears though. So here is my interview with BVB; an example of a semi-structured interview gone array.

Also, I love that people will write stupid crap in the comments section of videos. Yes I understood the big ego joke, no my name is not “that bitch”.

Also, I sound like a tool. Glad that none of our equipment worked. Wah wah.

Class in the home of Frozen Yogurt

Have you ever had class at a frozen yogurt store? I can now shout from the roof tops that I HAVE! Apparently when it is finals week in grad school and you have a teacher who loves food almost as much as you, she will take you to a frozen yogurt store to have your grad discussion part of class. However, it was so colorful and decorated that it was hard for Jenna to focus, because let’s face it, I can’t focus in a regular class room. Throw colors and delicious frozen treats in the mix and I am a goner.

The best part of the story, since I am a poor college student (again :() is that she footed the bill. Huzzah! You better believe I filled that sucker up with mounds of flavorful cream and glorious chocolate toppings. This wasn’t my first time at the rodeo.

So thank you grad school, because even if this professor is a hard ass with super high expectations, at least she will buy me ice cream. That always makes me feel better. It’s probably a trap…


I am including this photo because of how full the container is. Don’t be confused. There was no fruit in my cup, unless a chocolate covered gummy bear counts, which by the way, are disgusting.

The end.