Muse: A Review

So yesterday I saw Muse live at the Rose Garden here in P-Town (Portland, duh). I saw them the summer of 2011 during Andy and my Concertpalooza. I wasn’t super familiar with them then, as in, I knew who they were and some of their stuff but nothing by name and no words. (Except for Time is Running out aka The Sex Song as deemed by Archana). Anyways, they were AWESOME and I claimed the as “The Best Band Jenna’s Ever Seen Live” shortly changed to “The Best Love Band Ever”.

So, I was expecting them to be even better this time around. It was a high standard to live up to, perhaps to high. But, they did it. Of course they did it! The are the best live band ever. When they came out I was thinking, “Oh yeah, there are only 3 dudes in this band.” You would think there is a whole damn orchestra or guitars and techy things I don’t know the name of. But there is not. Just three dudes who play a suuuuuuuper tight set. There rehearsals must be long and tedious. Or they are just that good, and judging from Matt Bellamy’s guitar skills, I wouldn’t doubt that.

I was pretty stoked to see the new stuff live, especially Madness because the 20 seconds towards the end where Matt sings (correction: beautifully sings) “I need to love” is my favorite 20 seconds of music currently, and of course he hit it dead on. I imagine it feels damn good to be him. Sometimes I thought to myself, he has got to be lip synching, but I know better than that.

They didn’t play Hysteria like on the rest of the tour so far, but the played Maps of the Problematique instead, which is a personal fave (as well as Hysteria), so I was stoked. The crowd was pretty tame (correction:lame) until Madness, seeing as it is played on Kink and 94.7 pretty regularly still. Then when Resistance started they FINALLY understood that they were taking in the greatness that is Muse and got with the program.

Even if you don’t know anything by Muse, if someone offers you a ticket, or they come to your town, go. You won’t regret. Not only are they amazingly talented musicians who are actually rated among the best live bands (not too mention Matt being consistently rated as a top guitarist of all time), but their stage show is incredible. They always switch it up and whoever comes up with the concepts and runs it is very talented.

Other personal highlights included: Starlight, Knights of Cydonia, Stockholm Syndrome, and Uprising.

They closed out with Survival, which was an incredible performance, and did 2 encores. The opening band was also of the British variety, Band of Skulls. We didn’t see their whole performance, but they were a pretty good jam band, also with three musicians and vocals traded off between the female bassist and male guitarist.

I found myself in a predicament though, which I am sure Andy enjoyed me live texting him through the show about, I want to BE Matt Bellamy, but I also want to bond Matt Bellamy. What to do?

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