Class in the home of Frozen Yogurt

Have you ever had class at a frozen yogurt store? I can now shout from the roof tops that I HAVE! Apparently when it is finals week in grad school and you have a teacher who loves food almost as much as you, she will take you to a frozen yogurt store to have your grad discussion part of class. However, it was so colorful and decorated that it was hard for Jenna to focus, because let’s face it, I can’t focus in a regular class room. Throw colors and delicious frozen treats in the mix and I am a goner.

The best part of the story, since I am a poor college student (again :() is that she footed the bill. Huzzah! You better believe I filled that sucker up with mounds of flavorful cream and glorious chocolate toppings. This wasn’t my first time at the rodeo.

So thank you grad school, because even if this professor is a hard ass with super high expectations, at least she will buy me ice cream. That always makes me feel better. It’s probably a trap…


I am including this photo because of how full the container is. Don’t be confused. There was no fruit in my cup, unless a chocolate covered gummy bear counts, which by the way, are disgusting.

The end.

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