Black Veil Brides and the Semi Structured Interview

So, I have 151 pages to read for my qualitative methods class this week. I am on page 5, and this writing style is not impressive. I keep reading and thinking, “How did this ish get published?” Oy vey. Anywho, the topic is interviewing, which I got to do a lot of in radio. I say go to, because even though it made me extremely nervous, I actually enjoyed doing it. The first interview type the book mentions is semi-structured, where you prepare the questions but the interview basically takes on a mind of its own. One question leads to some response that you didn’t expect, which then leads down a different path of questions. Homie who wrote the book says that this can work out or it can be unsuccessful. Unsuccessful being where the interview yields no useful information. Then a light bulb went off in my head: Rock on the Range 2010! Once upon a time I spent two days interviewing a bunch of bands at the Columbus based rock festival, most of which answered my questions and didn’t stray too far from the path, even when they were high (cough, Aaron Lewis, cough) or drunk (me after the second day of interviews…WEEEEEE free beer). And then there was the Black Veil Brides. Dude would not answer a single question I asked, so I rolled with it, but no information was gained. I get it, you have a persona to keep up that doesn’t include my job, but come on, at least answer ONE question about your band! I had five written down on my fancy notepad, and I think I got to ask one. Andy (this makes 3 blogs now buddy) insists that this interview is entertaining, but I disagree. He wanted to fluster me, but my mind is just as odd as his. And then somehow this shit got thousands of views. In all honesty, I probably would have done something similar if I was in his shoes. He had to walk around (in the middle of May in vinyl pants) and interview with every different station there. It still grinds my gears though. So here is my interview with BVB; an example of a semi-structured interview gone array.

Also, I love that people will write stupid crap in the comments section of videos. Yes I understood the big ego joke, no my name is not “that bitch”.

Also, I sound like a tool. Glad that none of our equipment worked. Wah wah.

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