Only Some of the Boys Came

You might not have known it, but by reading that phrase you automatically assumed that not all of the boys were coming. When you say some, it implies that not all will be there, even though technically you could say some of the boys are coming, and the other boys are coming too. If all of them are coming, then some of them and SOME MORE of them could indeed, also be coming. Ah pragmatics. You would probably never say some of the boys were coming when referring to all of them though. That would make you a big weirdo.

Now you might be wondering why I chose to use the example of boys coming, because I should know as not only a grad student, but a human being, that this example sounds dir-tay. BUT THIS IS THE EXAMPLE MY PROFESSOR USED IN CLASS. And we discussed it for about 5 minutes. No matter how mature you are, you can’t help but giggle at this. And I feel like he does these things on purpose (i.e. the Cock blog post). It happens at least every other class. Those doctors have dirty minds, albeit brilliant minds, but dirty. Then we talked about the girls coming, and the word massive was used also.

The lesson of this blog is, the longer you go to school the sexier the classes get. The beer was warm. (This was an example used with a story about a picnic, but I’ll let you go to grad school to figure it out).

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