The Neighbourhood: A Review

So we went to a .94 cent show this past weekend, which was actually free since it was sold out and people were just handing out the extra tickets they bought in advance. Can’t beat that! The show was at the Crystal Ballroom, which I expected to be bigger for some reason, I suppose because I lot of people play there, but it was you’re average smaller band venue (think House of Blues or Murat). The first band was two chicks (I didn’t realize how frequent the whole two person band thing was) and we couldn’t quite figure out if they were good enough, but the lead singer was so bouncy and cute I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. For the record, they were Chaos Chaos.

The next band was called White Arrows and I googled them to find out that they were a Psycho Tropic group from Florida. I was in from the description alone. I want to be in a psycho tropic band! The were good, a legit live band. However, after a few songs I was sort of annoyed by the singer’s voice. It reminded my of Vampire Weekend or some band on the same vein as that. Something I’ve heard before.  The crowd was really digging it though, so I can’ hate too much.

…but then I listened to the song above and didn’t make it through because his voice annoyed me again.

On to The Neighbourhood (don’t forget the u, this is some UK shit right here). I had only heard one song from them

This one!

I was digging it when I heard it so I figured what the heck, I’ve got .94 cents (but it was free).  They were great. I think I’d get sick of the EP after a bit because it seems to all be on the same kind of darker, slower, sort of soulful page and you know, variety is the spice of life. But, homeboy could sing. For not knowing much about the band the crowd was on fyah (fire). They did a cover/mashup of Destiny’s Child and JT (me!) so that was fun. I would recommend checking them out.

I like this little ditty

I’m also very thrilled when a singer can actually sing, and this dude did. He had this very soulful voice, one that could work in a multitude of music forms.

Like I said, they don’t have a lot, just an ep, but it’s nice to jam too when it’s raining or you’re not in a particularly super fly mood. Or you  know, whenever the hell you want because it’s your life and I won’t tell you what to do.

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