Deep Sea Diver and Hey Marseilles: A Review

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So today I went through my hard drive in an attempt to switch up my iPod. Good lord, I now have to rethink my entire high school years and the decisions I made. Some of that “music” is terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible. Like really terrible. But, that is why you constantly check out new music right? This time it was Deep Sea Diver, who is one of Ash Ketchum’s favorite bands (I refuse to not call her this even though she has no idea about the Pokemon reference).

The show was at the Aladdin Theater, which was a quaint little venue with SEATS. Now, normally I hate being forced to sit but it worked for this show. It was very intimate and I am old now so I have to rest the ole’ back. Plus it’s nice to sit and enjoy some tunes when you’ve never heard them before.  Deep Sea Diver played first and I was stoked to check them out after BRIEFLY listening to their stuff on Spotify. Now Jessica Dobson is about the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life. The stage was super small so there wasn’t a lot of room for moving about, but I was mesmerized by her so as long as words came out of her mouth, I was entertained. She makes me want bangs. And a guitar. And to be even a sliver of how cool she is. But, I digress. I kept waiting for her voice to waver but that didn’t happen. She has an incredible range, which at times reminded me of my home girl Regina Spektor.

You Go Running was probably my favorite track…

I take that back, this was also my favorite…

I also recommend “Why Must a Man Change?” which is a slower song, but really displays my new best friend, Jessica Dobson’s vocal talent. I am pretty stoked to see DSD at Sasquatch in May.

Onto Hey Marseilles…

For having 7 dudes in the band, I expected some energy. There were a few spurts of it but my overall impression was, Meh. Would I put them on Spotify and jam out for an hour or two? Yes. Would I pay to see them again? Nah. There were some fun moments and I applaud the use of the violin, bass, and horns, but the majority of the songs sounded exactly the same. Homeboy had a good voice too, so I have to give him credit for that. But, I can’t really think of anything else to say about them. If you need something good to play in the background while doing homework or taxes, this is your band.

Also, Chris Klein is in the band…

220px-Chris_Klein_2012 tu130129Hey_Marseilles_Heart480x172

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