Thoughts from a Girl Not Paying Attention in Class:The Oldest War in History

You think with your head,

with no link to your heart.

Never acting on impulse,

always playing it smart.

The brain can define love,

can put meaning to lust.

But it cannot make you feel,

and the outcome is unjust.

We’re made up of organs,

but they don’t react the same.

It’s a bout of brain versus heart,

the winner is the one that causes less pain.

You act from your heart,

always taking risks.

Never thinking through decisions,

allowing feelings to persist.

The heart will long,

every beat will bring yearning.

But it never plays it safe,

with the heart there is no learning.

It’s a war of brain versus heart,

pitted against one another.

The irony of the war,

is that one can’t function without the other.

The heart carries blood,

through the body to the brain.

The brain responds with messages,

to keep a steady stream of life through the veins.

Yet one will fight the other,

if the situation calls.

Love is something the brain will smother,

and a pain for which the heart will fall.

It’s not always a choice,

sometimes even organs can be dominant.

Whether brain or heart has a voice,

with your actions  becomes evident.

And actions can give way to regret,

when you make the wrong move.

Then to your body you’re in debt,

and now you have something to prove.

Because you think with your head,

and she thinks with her heart.

And soon it’s time to decide if the enemy is dead,

or if this is a surrender, if this is just the start.









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