Taking Back Sunday: New American Classic

Flashback to 2004. Senior year of high school. This song meant the world to me. Both because I loved TBS and because I love acoustic, and also because I think it is beautiful. And yes I am in Grad school and I realize the format of that last sentence was terrible but I DO WHAT I WANT. I saw them in Cleveland at the Aragon the same year this CD came out and they did this song and I cried like a baby. I also went with my ex, who wasn’t my ex at the time, but had already been my ex before and would most certainly be my ex again (damn you high school relationships) so I am sure that didn’t help. But there is just something about seeing a song that means a lot to you live. It’s breathtaking. It melts your heart. It puts you on cloud 9. I just have a lot of feelings! Anyway, here is da song!

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