Dumb, Dumber, and Jenna

Quite frequently I feel like the dumbest kid in class, my brain doesn’t like to think philosophically or really at high levels in general. Then I tell myself, Jenna, at least you have common sense. Now I find myself questioning this. I do the STUPIDEST things. I am kind of amazed that I have made it this far in life to be honest. Let me share some of these gems with you. Remember, I am 26 years old.

1. I got lost walking the same less than a mile trek back to my house that I walk 3-4 times a week because I was talking on the phone. I am pretty sure at this point my body should just automatically go in the right direction. It doesn’t. I literally have to tell myself to pay attention to a route while driving or it will take me months to figure out how to get there without my GPS. Rachel lives less than 2 miles from me and I still GPS it.

2. I managed to brew a whole cup of coffee the other week. The problem is, I forgot to put a mug in the Keurig so I just had a counter top covered in delicious caffeinated goodness.

3. Ah the Keurig. One day I will figure you out. I used the little basket that you put your own ground coffee in the other day. Turns out they give you a lid for a reason. It is so you don’t end up with a cup full of grounds. Noted for next time. This is why I never make the coffee in a public place like school or work.

4. I use the toaster oven weekly to make my pita pizzas (quick, easy, and tasty. You should try them. It will change your life.) I was wondering why it was starting to smell like smoke and then I realized that I HAD LEFT THE SMOKE DETECTOR ON TOP OF THE TOASTER OVEN. Why? No idea. At least my idiocy has a sense of humor. I mean, how ironic is that? Of all the things to burn on top of the toaster over…granted a few months ago it was a loaf of bread.

5. I spent ten minutes looking for my headphones the other day. Everywhere. Through my backpack like 5 times, on my desk, I was literally getting ready to walk back to the classroom and then I put my hand in my pocket. Bingo. You know, on my person. That is like looking for your sunglasses when they are on your head.

On an unrelated note, when I pick up my prescription at Safeway the pharmacist always calls me boss. “Here ya go, Boss”. That makes my day.

There’s more. My brain is shot and just can’t think of them. I’m gunna go pop some tags.


I Walk the Line

This post is not about Johnny Cash. Or donuts, which would be scandalously delicious right now.

So you know when you have an interview and they ask you things about yourself? I never know what to say. I have an interview for a paid internship (Mama needs some income) for the summer and I need to nail it. So, I started thinking about things I would say about myself. But then I realized, there are things that you say about yourself in an interview and then there are traits that you just try to deny to yourself completely. I am not going to go in there and admit that a lot of times I am insecure. That’s going to get me a job. (Sarcasm, it’s not) Which is also a good point, depending on the job I probably wouldn’t say that I am a sarcastic asshole because typically people don’t like that. (In my mind they are not clever enough to like that).

So, I never know what to say about myself, or traits/characteristics about myself. You know I am on this mission to figure myself out (I AM AN ISLAND DAMMIT!) but I do know 2 things that no one including myself would argue against.

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Let’s Talk About…Road Trips!


I need to preface this by saying that I walk the same route home from the street car damn near everyday. A few days ago while walking and talking on the phone simultaneously, I got lost. Just imagine the fun I had without a GPS…

It is kind of amazing to think of how many road trips I was able to take while in high school. I was super impulsive (I still am, I just have gained more responsibility and have less money. Suck.) So when the opportunity presented itself, I was down to drive far and away. So, since I am in a good mood today (the difference a day makes!) I decided to relive some of these awesome trips.

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Stuff You Shouldn’t Read. The End.

This is one of those posts that I told myself I would write and publish since I promised myself I would let people see that there is more to me than the girl who hates everything and everyone. Again, I just say that because I think it’s funny and easier to say than admit that I have been hurt most of the time I let my guard down.

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “Actions speak louder than words”. I have never really understood the full meaning of these words (ironic) until recently. I love words. That should be obvious since I choose to write a lot. Well, correction, I love words that I get to read and pen/type at my own will. I love lyrics. I love meaning. I have always been able to write better than I have been able to articulate my feelings and thoughts out loud. I get flustered or I decide that I am wrong and my feelings are null. True story, in the past I have written down what I wanted to say before having an important phone call…aka knowing someone was going to break up with me or having already been broken up with and having the follow up conversation.

I use written words to express the things I can’t get across with speech. But, some people use words, written or spoken just to use words. And I just hang on to them like they are my connection to life. What the fuck is wrong with me? How has it taken me this long to realize that anyone can say words, yes, some can more eloquently than others but it is not as magical of a practice as I always imagined.

And as many times as I have been screwed over in the past, I still trust in the power of words. I seriously think I need a lobotomy. It should be illegal to be this trusting. It is why I hate making myself vulnerable. I let this wall down and it seems like there is always someone there waiting to whisper the most beautiful words to me while their poison slowly slips into my body and eats away at my heart.

Sometimes I think I have life figured out, but I don’t think that is ever going to happen. Somedays I wake up and wonder what the fuck I have been doing. Somedays I wake up and think everything is perfect. Some days I write somedays as one word and then realize that just because you add day to it doesn’t make it a word.

Tomorrow or the day after I will have faith in people again, but today I don’t. It is just one of those days I guess when my brain decides to let me know that I tend to think and function off of the wrong organ. Can you get a lobotomy on your heart? I should look into that.

William Beckett: Oh Love

A double dose tonight! How you like them apples? I was feeling kind of blah in the later hours of today, and then I remembered I should listen to this song. This guy. This freakin’ guy. I have literally seen him 17 times in concert. I don’t even know how we made that happen considering the majority of them were road trips in high school…anyways. I saw him, well 2 songs of his set, when he opened for Bryce Avary aka The Rocket Summer. I was all, “Oh snap! This is weird. Like being in high school. Only enjoyable.” Just kidding, I liked the majority of high school. Especially Tuesday pasta bar. Cheese sauce, am I right?! Anyways, this song is bubbly and makes me happy.

Pearl Jam: Black

I thought about not posting this since everyone and their mom SHOULD know it. But then I thought, fuck it. This is my blog and I can post whatever I want. And, if I can listen to this song nearly every shift for 2.5 years and still LOVE it, then you should still love it too. For the record, I stole this CD from my dad in high school. Pretty sure he never noticed. This was of course, my favorite from the album. Mainly because I like, nay, adore the line “I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life, I know you’ll be a star, in somebody else’s sky but why, why can’t it be mine”. Heart stopping moment of music right there ladies and gents.

All The Small Things!

Because of the title of this blog, the Blink 182 video was necessary. So, I read The Joe Schultz’s blog today and the mention of me made me happy. So I decided, Jenna, you should make a blog about things that make you happy. And then I decided to challenge myself. A list of 100 things that make you happy. Let’s face it, it is always easier to come up with things that you don’t like about yourself than things you do, things that make you sad than happy,things you hate (Case in point, how many songs does Nicki Minaj have? Each of those already count as something I hate. That’s at least 20) etc. But, I am all about focusing on the positive, so let’s make this list happen!

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