Grad School: Art Skills Not Required

For the record, and this has nothing to do with this post, I read for an hour today and brain hurt. I am the worst student ever. Also, I wanted to make this post 2 terms ago when I took this class, but was too lazy to unroll my poster and take pictures. Seriously. If I end up with a completed thesis I will be surprised.

So, onto the post at hand. We took an intro to grad studies class and for our final paper, instead of doing a presentation, we had to make a poster which represented our research. My research was about social networking sites, mainly Facebook, and how they can increase social support and therefore increase self-esteem (WHICH WAS SUPPORTED, Huzzah!). Now, when it comes to the creative projects in school I usually shine through and do something that all the people who go after me despise me for (Remember that time I dressed up as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and had another student interview me as him, made a ten minute video tape about the history of Colombia, and brought a delicious spread of food for my senior project?). I wasn’t feeling it on this one. I mean, you wouldn’t really expect to do some arts and crafts for grad school projects right? Ehhhhhh. I think it is safe to say that only Mariko had the art skills one would want for this assignment. However we all passed with flying colors. And how could I not want to share this glorious piece of educational materials with the world. So without further ado, I give you my poster…

photo 1

By the way, book on the left makes no sense. Book on the right makes even less than no sense.

Here is Brad, he is happy because he has a Facebook account and higher social capital:

photo 3

But poor Chad hasn’t gotten with the times yet and has no Facebook account. Wah wah:

photo 2

So there you have it. Apparently your terrible art skills will never leave you behind. It brings me back to elementary school when I couldn’t figure out how to round the corners and had to make like 6 Santa Claus faces before the teacher realized I wasn’t doing it on purpose. Common sense, pff, who needs it?

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