All The Small Things!

Because of the title of this blog, the Blink 182 video was necessary. So, I read The Joe Schultz’s blog today and the mention of me made me happy. So I decided, Jenna, you should make a blog about things that make you happy. And then I decided to challenge myself. A list of 100 things that make you happy. Let’s face it, it is always easier to come up with things that you don’t like about yourself than things you do, things that make you sad than happy,things you hate (Case in point, how many songs does Nicki Minaj have? Each of those already count as something I hate. That’s at least 20) etc. But, I am all about focusing on the positive, so let’s make this list happen!

1. Being mentioned in a friend’s blog.
2. When I drink and my feet start to feel tingly.

4. The idea of Sasquatch being a month away!
5. Hitting the post (radio people know).
6. Hitting a note perfectly while singing.
7. Rooms with good acoustics (This includes bathrooms, parking garages, and stairwells).
8. When Tim hits me to come under the blanket and snuggle.
9. Sending someone a thoughtful gift.
10. Getting an unexpected letter/package in the mail.
11. Trivia nights.
12. Someone telling me they like my writing.
13. Writing something and being proud of it.
14. Seeing my family after a few months of being away.
15. Traveling to new places.
16. Traveling to favorite places.
17. Road trips.
18. Road trips on a summer day when the sun is out and the windows are down.
19. A great, whole hearted laugh (ASHLEY!)
20. A song with a sick intro. Examples:


21. When they make your iced coffee just right.
22. Ice cream.
23. Reading stories about people changing the world.
24. Kids who write hilarious answers on their school work. (#7)

25. Discovering new music.
26. Pretending my heart is controlled by the drums at live shows.
27. Ear buds (I like to pretend the music is in my head).
28. Mean girls quotes.
29. Puppies
30. The chive.
31. Getting a new nickname. (Yes, even Bruce Jenners)
32. A good poo.
33. A good break on the air.
34. My niece.
35. Making cupcakes.
36. Feeding people cupcakes.
37. People liking my cupcakes.
38. Sarcasm.
39. People understanding my sarcasm.
40. Good tattoos. (Check out the guys and Teresa at Studio 13 Tattoo in Fort Wayne. They’re the best.)
41. A thoughtful text.
42. A long phone conversation.
43. The stars.
44. Axia smart surfaces.
45. The fact that I got to meet so many wonderful people in college, including my professors. It makes me smile whenever I think about it.
46. Memes.
47. A well written paper from an undergrad.
48. Hearing from someone you haven’t talked to in a while.
49. The first bite of a good meal.
51. Landing at your final destination.
52. Barry Manilow.
53. Jazz.
54. Radio.
55. Foreign Films. (You should watch A Very Long Engagement)
56. Knowing all the words to a rap song.
57. Bonfires
58. S’mores
59. Hearing a song you forgot about but really love.
60. Reading a good book.
61. Hoodies
62. Turning up the music SUPER loud.
63. A REALLY excited winner.
64. 3 part harmonies or bands that can pull of their harmonies live…

65. Animals doing funny things.
66. Nutella.
67. Sitting front row on the Millenium Force (after the initial hill).
68. The Cupid Shuffle.
69. Learning the High School Musical dance with Naner.
70. Singing Troy to Joanna’s Gabriella.
71. Stories about me getting drunk and throwing up.
72. Meeting new friends.
73. Bands that sound the same or better live than they do recorded

74. Boys in tanks.
75. Boys in well fitted suits.
76. Boys in v-necks.
77. Boys in v-necks with an unzipped hoodie and a jacket (specific, but beautiful)
78. Scrubs and Scrubs quotes
79. This picture:
79a. Anything related to Brandon Boyd.
80. A really good sandwich.
81. Boys with tattoos. Mmmm. Again, good tattoos.
81a. Boys with forearm tattoos (Ughhhh my heart)
82. When people adopt animals from shelters.
83. Sipping a drink on a porch in the summertime.
84. Indianapolis.
85. Blake and Adam’s bromance.

86. Archana (gross).
87. Huggy bear.
88. Writing.
89. Touching lyrics.
90. Windows. I love bright rooms.
91. A pretty dress.
92. Getting a brand new pretty dress and wearing it for the first time.
93. Smiling.
94. Alone time.
95. A good walk.
96. When music touches your soul.

98. Guys in tight jeans.
99. Live music.
100. Getting flowers (this has only happened a few times, but how could that not make you happy?)

And now I throw in a quote from one of my favorite movies: Little things used to mean so much to Shelly- I used to think they were trivial … Believe me, nothing is trivial.

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