Let’s Talk About…Road Trips!


I need to preface this by saying that I walk the same route home from the street car damn near everyday. A few days ago while walking and talking on the phone simultaneously, I got lost. Just imagine the fun I had without a GPS…

It is kind of amazing to think of how many road trips I was able to take while in high school. I was super impulsive (I still am, I just have gained more responsibility and have less money. Suck.) So when the opportunity presented itself, I was down to drive far and away. So, since I am in a good mood today (the difference a day makes!) I decided to relive some of these awesome trips.

1. Jenna, Archana, and Jesse go to Grand Rapids- We had gotten tickets to see Jack’s Mannequin on his first tour, but as Andrew fans know, this is when he was diagnosed with Leukemia and had to drop off the tour. So it was Over It and Motion City Soundtrack. Jesse listened to rap. This was not his cup of tea. But, for some reason he decided he liked Over It and bought the CD during the show. This road trip only makes this list because we harassed Jesse and told him the CD was so bad that he got furious and yelled at us and told me to keep it. It’s on my iPod to this day (nearly a decade later) and I laugh every time something from it comes on. It wasn’t a bad CD, someone is just a sensitive Sally.

2. Jenna and Archana go to Detroit- Michigan was clearly not our friend. Somehow we ended up driving an hour out of our way without even realizing it. This happened a lot. When we stopped for directions and a map (HA! Directions on paper? What is this, 2004?!) the lady in the gas station told us to make sure if we left the car we stayed together. So then when we had to get directions again, I made Archana go in by herself. The car needed some protection. She lived, so it’s cool. Somehow we made it to the show on time, only to find out that dumb ole’ Archana didn’t buy a floor ticket. No worries. I was/am awesome and got some dude to give me his ticket stub and then sought her out in the dark of the balcony and carried her (metaphorically) down to the floor to see TAI for the umpteenth time as well as AAR. Oh high school…


3. The Blizzard of ’77- It was actually 2005, but if you get that reference go ahead and pat yourself on the back. My BF ditched me at the show and I had to stand through ummmmmmmmmm Straylight Run. That’s who it was. Oh lord, that was boring. But then SOCO came on and it was heaven. Plus we came out to a blizzard and then a foot of snow in the morning. And I got grounded while I was in Wisconsin for going there without Archana. Seriously, my mom LOVES Archana.

4. The Night I Met Jeff Gates- My college always got a week longer than everyone else’s for winter break, so when Archana went back to IU and I was at home Facebooking her at 10 PM, she said “Come to IU” and I said, “Eh, I am not doing anything here, sure. On my way.” Jeff Gates and I had never met. He didn’t think that I would leave that late for a 3 hour spur of the moment road trip. WRONG! And I wore my onesie for the occasion. And jumped on him and woke him up. It was the start of a great college friendship.

5. INCUBUS- Let’s just stick with the IU theme here. Incubus came to Fort Wayne for the second time in 2004. I was there. Duh. Then my friend Todd said, “Hey, in 3 days they are playing at IU. It’s a Sunday and you have school the next day, but we should go. P.S. I am in a different state so you’ll have to go with my best friend who you have never met and some dude we both met at the concert yesterday”. I am paraphrasing here to get the point across. I don’t actually remember the conversation word for word seeing as it was nearly 9 years ago. But my response was, “Fuck yes!” 3 hour road trips with people you’ve never met are weird. Would I do it again? To quote myself, “Fuck yes!” Plus, I got free pizza out of the deal. Mmmm Sbarros.

Sbarro Pizza Pies

6. Cleveland – We went hurr the day before prom. Back when our motto was “Front Row or Go Home” we would bring extra shirts because we would get super sweaty during the show. We hadn’t changed yet and went to the gas station to buy water. Apparently dudes in Ohio love me and told me I could have whatever I wanted for free. They either loved me or actually didn’t work at the gas station. That would be hilarious. Anyways, all I got were 2 waters. I can’t believe I didn’t stock up on jerky chew. What is wrong with me? Then Ryan drove us an hour out of the way before admitting that he didn’t know where we were. Cool life.

The back of this shirt said Wentz. Some doucher stole it from me.

7. Warped Tour: Indy – On the way home we saw a car full of dudes waving at people so I told Angie to speed up so I could wave at them. Turns out they were from Decatur so we literally drove next to each other the WHOLE time home. This is how I met Sexy Ian. This is an interesting method for meeting someone of the opposite sex. I am going to go with you should probably stay away from it, but in this case it worked out. So, you know, YOLO. I lost my sunglasses from hanging out the window to get his number and threw a Rice Krispie treat into their car…IT MADE IT. It actually hit (Dave…maybe?) in the face. It was beautiful.

8. Jenna’s 21st birthday- Technically not a road trip, since it was like 5 minutes of driving, but it felt like an eternity so I am counting it. I got super drunk the day before my birthday and ended up puking in this dude’s driveway. I don’t regret it. I had a crush on him and he was jerk (imagine that!). But then Joanna decided she needed to buy luggage that night and drove to Wal-Mart and left me in the car for like 45 minutes. I was freezing. I thought I was going to die. And then we drove 5 minutes back to the dorm and I made it inside but had to run back outside to throw up in the bushes. This was the longest walk of my life. The next morning I realized the car was literally 10 feet away. Joanna redeemed herself though, she bought me a singing High School Musical toothbrush to brush my pukey teeth with. Later that night the gang roadtripped it to Chicago and stopped by Schoops. This was also pleasant.


9. INCUBUS: Indy: This just makes me laugh because no one had yet met Joe Schultz but I told him he could drive along with us if he brought jerky chew. He did. Krystal was freaked out because for the longest time she thought he was a random listener. And we went to Cheesecake Factory. Oh yeah, and I got to touch Brandon. Not one of my finest moments.

Road trip necessity

10. Rock on the Range – Mainly because of the fact that we had to stop 3 places before I could pee on the way home and Andy told everyone that I pee a lot on road trips. This is false. I hold it in until the gas needs refilled. Ain’t nobody got time for that. HE PEES A LOT. Like every hour. It is ridiculous.

The moral of this post is THANK GOD FOR GPSs. However, trips probably aren’t as exciting as they used to be. More efficient, yes.

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