Dumb, Dumber, and Jenna

Quite frequently I feel like the dumbest kid in class, my brain doesn’t like to think philosophically or really at high levels in general. Then I tell myself, Jenna, at least you have common sense. Now I find myself questioning this. I do the STUPIDEST things. I am kind of amazed that I have made it this far in life to be honest. Let me share some of these gems with you. Remember, I am 26 years old.

1. I got lost walking the same less than a mile trek back to my house that I walk 3-4 times a week because I was talking on the phone. I am pretty sure at this point my body should just automatically go in the right direction. It doesn’t. I literally have to tell myself to pay attention to a route while driving or it will take me months to figure out how to get there without my GPS. Rachel lives less than 2 miles from me and I still GPS it.

2. I managed to brew a whole cup of coffee the other week. The problem is, I forgot to put a mug in the Keurig so I just had a counter top covered in delicious caffeinated goodness.

3. Ah the Keurig. One day I will figure you out. I used the little basket that you put your own ground coffee in the other day. Turns out they give you a lid for a reason. It is so you don’t end up with a cup full of grounds. Noted for next time. This is why I never make the coffee in a public place like school or work.

4. I use the toaster oven weekly to make my pita pizzas (quick, easy, and tasty. You should try them. It will change your life.) I was wondering why it was starting to smell like smoke and then I realized that I HAD LEFT THE SMOKE DETECTOR ON TOP OF THE TOASTER OVEN. Why? No idea. At least my idiocy has a sense of humor. I mean, how ironic is that? Of all the things to burn on top of the toaster over…granted a few months ago it was a loaf of bread.

5. I spent ten minutes looking for my headphones the other day. Everywhere. Through my backpack like 5 times, on my desk, I was literally getting ready to walk back to the classroom and then I put my hand in my pocket. Bingo. You know, on my person. That is like looking for your sunglasses when they are on your head.

On an unrelated note, when I pick up my prescription at Safeway the pharmacist always calls me boss. “Here ya go, Boss”. That makes my day.

There’s more. My brain is shot and just can’t think of them. I’m gunna go pop some tags.


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