Sasquatch 2013: I found the Mythical Creature

Something magical happened to me this weekend. I found Sasquatch (or as we like to call it in the Midwest, Bigfoot). However, I am not talking about the mythical (or extremely real and terrifying) creature. I am talking about this glorious stage located on the beautiful gorge in George, Washington.


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Jenna Rae: NOT the Next Prefontaine AKA The Most Epic Fall Ever

Remember my last blog about running? No? Well here is a refresher:

I have been told that is the best blog I have ever written. Just throwing that out there.

Well let me tell you why I don’t run unless I absolutely have too. Today I was running late. This meant that I had 10 minutes to get to the street car. It takes me about 14 at a fast pace. I walk with purpose. So I drove half way there and walked the rest of the way. I couldn’t miss this street car because the next one came in 30 minutes and I had to be in class at 10. I am a TA, you know, I have to be professional (ha).

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Jenna Rae: The next Steve Prefontaine

Let’s talk about running…

So here is the thing. I actually don’t mind running. I mean, I don’t mind it as long as it isn’t ever uphill and the terrain is pretty much even. Aka a track or a trail where I don’t have to exert myself too much. See, I would love running if I never got tired and my legs never hurt and I never got cramps. Then it would be the best. The longest I have ever run is for 20 minutes straight. In fact, I am quite certain that if I were in a zombie apocalypse I would be one of the first ones dead. I am slow. The only reason I am writing this blog is to tell you about the time I tried out for track in 6th grade.

See, I remember when I fell in love with food. It was the summer between 3rd and 4th grade. I started watching “Days of Our Lives” because I was awesome and one day during the show I ate a whole box of reduced fat hostess cupcakes. Yes, reduced fat. But see, it isn’t reduced if you eat the ENTIRE box. Needless to say, this is when I got chubby.

Dammit Hostess. Why did you have to close? I haven't eaten this or a twinkie in years and now I want both!
Dammit Hostess. Why did you have to close? I haven’t eaten this or a twinkie in years and now I want both!

So imagine a chubby 12 year old running. That is already funny. I had never run in my life. I told my mom I needed new shoes to try out and when she let me pick them out I chose to Filas that were not running shoes at all. Come on mom. Where were you on that. And then while typing this I realized that it was actually maybe 7th grade because I think Jessi was there too. Her and Nicole and the other Nicole all wanted to try out and I was a follower and wanted to be included so I was like “Yea guys, I love running. It is the best!”


So, I tried out. And I am pretty sure I had one of the slowest times. Jessi has asthma. She killed me. And I am pretty sure I jumped the shortest distance of anyone who tried out. Like 3 feet. And when it came to high jump I actually jumped UNDER the bar. When we had to do one on one races I may have, but I am not admitting this, I may have peed my pants a little. If this is true, I am not sure why it would have happened.

I know. At this point you are biting your nails in anticipation to hear if I made the team. Sadly to say, I did not. But I did gain the confidence to jump a hurdle. Which lasted until we had to jump hurdles in gym class. Then I got scared and stopped in front of one but not quick enough to not trip over it and have to go to the nurse’s office.

Now when I run, I make sure that I have music to pump me up. Seriously, even if I am just walking fast I always mouth the words and use the correct breathing. I am like Britney Spears. Sometimes I even dance. So, if you are wanting to start running but think you can’t do it you can. Because if I can run anyone can run. Granted I don’t run far and I look like a spaz who is talking to myself I can still do it.

And for the record, have fun. Sing out loud, dance in front of people, high five someone on the road. It’s life and we are all a little cray.

Jenna’s Top 10 Concerts


So Rock on the Range is this weekend and I am jealous of everyone that gets to go. Boo you whores. But, I get to go to my first big festival ever next weekend so I can’ be too upset. Also, Incubus isn’t at this year’s ROTR so I am glad I got to go last year and the year before. In honor of Sasquatch 2013 I shall list my top 10 favorite concerts. I have been to a lot and I honestly don’t even know what I am going to put on this list as I write this intro. They will be in  no particular order because each has been great for their own reasons. The road trips are not a huge factor in determining these though since I already did a blog about my favorite road trips. So, here we go!

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There is a Reason Self Deprecating Sounds like Self Defecating

You shit all over yourself in both…(I JUST THOUGHT OF THAT!)

So, I am going to start this post by acknowledging that I have a hobby…BLOGGING. Ha ha! (And that is a laugh of discovery, not of humor). Now on to the things of semi-substance.

We as humans put ourselves in such stupid situations. And I am not just talking about getting in cars with strangers who then take us to their basements and lock us up for years, but I will say that sometimes I am surprised I have made it 26 years without being locked in a basement. I have made some questionable decisions.

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My Life is like a Roller Coaster Baby, Baby!

Let’s talk about…depression!

So I thought about not posting this because there probably aren’t that many people that a. care or b. care. But then I remembered this is my blog and I can post whatever I want. It’s all about honesty and I don’t think that enough people talk about depression. Yep, it is time for depression talk. If you are going to get all Tom Cruise on me, then just stop reading now. Have I mentioned how much I can’t stand him?

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Jenna Goes to Therapy

So, I used to be embarrassed about going to therapy but whatever. Blogging for honesty right? I pay for stupid health insurance so I might as well use it. I like the lady I see now, but she always makes me do things I don’t want to like draw and play in sand. I do it anyway because being a stubborn asshole probably isn’t helpful in the whole healing yourself process. Last week she made me envision the knots in my stomach from my anxiety. I can write words. I am good at words (sort of…I am good enough with words when they aren’t for an assignment) so I drew a garlic knot. Complete with salt. And I still really want to eat some garlic knots. But as I was pretending to fall asleep and wondering if Tim hated me I started thinking of my past experiences with therapy and they made me laugh.

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