Jenna’s Top 10 Concerts


So Rock on the Range is this weekend and I am jealous of everyone that gets to go. Boo you whores. But, I get to go to my first big festival ever next weekend so I can’ be too upset. Also, Incubus isn’t at this year’s ROTR so I am glad I got to go last year and the year before. In honor of Sasquatch 2013 I shall list my top 10 favorite concerts. I have been to a lot and I honestly don’t even know what I am going to put on this list as I write this intro. They will be in  no particular order because each has been great for their own reasons. The road trips are not a huge factor in determining these though since I already did a blog about my favorite road trips. So, here we go!

1. Rock on the Range 2011- I got to interview all of the bands. That pretty much is the reason it is on the list. Also, there was free beer and food on Sunday. As I told Joe Schultz free beer and food makes everything 300 times better. And we saw some bands. I don’t even remember who aside from A Perfect Circle. I was too busy stealing half drank (?) beers since they ran out of the free ones.

2. Incubus 2001 – This was the first time I got to see my favorite band play. I remember Sarah Goodwin telling me they were playing the Coliseum and I thought she was lying to me. And then like magic, like David Copperfield pulling a quarter from behind my ear, they were here. It was my second concert and the first time I went on the floor and into the mosh pit. I was sweaty and gross and full of girlish delight.

3. Muse 2011- Andy and I went to see them in Indy. I was familiar with a couple of songs and had NO idea that their stage show was going to be so awesome. And that they were going to be epic. Basically, I had no idea that I was going to be seeing THE BEST LIVE BAND EVER. I saw them again in 2013 with their new CD and again it was awesome, but I love outside summer shows and was just really impressed with them my first time seeing them.

4. Early  November 2004 – This was my first road trip show. Ah how I loved the Intersection in Grand Rapids. This was also the first time I was front row at a show. Spitalfield and Hey Mercedes opened and I bought both of their CDs later on. I also bought my first band t-shirt at this show and I still have it. And we got to meet Ace afterwards and he signed my Garrett gym t-shirt. And my mom let me leave school early. It was fantastic.

5. Rock on the Range 2012- Incubus. Duh. I honestly don’t even remember seeing anyone else. I worked that morning and drove down with Joe Schultz and Luke Dad. We ate Luke’s meat in spite later that night (literally, he had meat and cheese in a cooler). Again, we made it to the VIP lounge and I had free beers and burgers. By the time Incubus was a few songs in, I told Joe we had to go to the floor but then I ran too fast and lost him. I also slipped on a cup and feel on my face and then was told I should stay in the back and smoke with this old dude. I ran closer to the front. Then I got Crown in my eye. They played Switchblade though so it was worth it.

6. Andrew McMahon – I don’t remember exactly when this was. Marc and Anne were there and I had a job, so maybe 2010? Andrew went on a solo tour and Bobby joined him on acoustic guitar. It was at the Lakeshore Theatre in Chicago, which holds like 200 people maybe. It was just him, the acoustic, and a piano. So intimate. So perfect. He told stories. And then Marc’s car got parked in so that was awesome. And we ate burritos in line.

7. The Academy Is… – This had to have been in 2005. Archana and I used to get to shows SUPER early and just chill outside of the doors. We got to this one at noon (It was in Ohio somewhere at the Basement, so wherever that is) and played Taboo with some annoying chicks in front of us. The girl was trying to get her friend to guess and she pointed at Archana and said “She is one of these” and Archana said ” NO I’M NOT” and then the girl said “Oh, taxi drivers”. The answer was Arab. Anyways, the floor of this place could maybe hold 50 people. We had to sit through Days Away which was the longest 40 minutes of my life but then we saw Plain White T’s and of course The Academy Is… (TAI had to make the list. We saw them too many damn times for them not too).

8. Warped Tour 2005 – The first time we made it to Warped. Plymouth Michigan. The first band up was Starting Line. I remember Broc saying he wished he had a camera and like a sign from the heavens he was hit in the head with a disposal one with 23 shots left. Pretty sure he lost it that same set though. We also saw Mae, The Academy Is, and some other people I don’t remember anymore. Then we lost Broc. And Broc lost his wallet. He tries to say we didn’t take him home but we did. It was a long, hot day but I loved it.

9. Imogene Heap 2007 – My seester took me for my birthday. It too was in the fine city of Chicago. This show was so diverse I loved it. The first opener was a beatboxer. The second was Levi Weaver, and then Immi. I love her. I don’t listen to her as much anymore but she is amazing.

10. I literally have so many good memories that I can’t think of just one. Incubus in IU, merely for the fact that I was too scared to move up and made Todd sit in the very back row and homeboy is tall. Still makes me laugh. Death Cab in Columbus mainly because so many people tripped while walking to their seats and it was hilarious. Foo Fighters…because Dave Grohl. Incubus 2011 because I got to TOUCH Brandon Boyd and stand next to Mikey. Paramore 2005 because I was the only other person in the room who knew who they were at this point. Secondhand Serenade because I booked that show (shameless plug. Hate that dude though.) Envy on the Coast in Chicago because they played acoustic in the parking lot after they had technical difficulty. AP tour with Envy and As Tall As Lions (even though I had to sit through Circa Survive…vomit) because the manager of HOB knew Sam’s aunt and gave us balcony passes. Any show at the Chicago HOB because it is one of my favorite places in the world. And many  more shows that are yet to come. Especially Sassy!

(Hopefully Sassy…)

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