Jenna Rae: The next Steve Prefontaine

Let’s talk about running…

So here is the thing. I actually don’t mind running. I mean, I don’t mind it as long as it isn’t ever uphill and the terrain is pretty much even. Aka a track or a trail where I don’t have to exert myself too much. See, I would love running if I never got tired and my legs never hurt and I never got cramps. Then it would be the best. The longest I have ever run is for 20 minutes straight. In fact, I am quite certain that if I were in a zombie apocalypse I would be one of the first ones dead. I am slow. The only reason I am writing this blog is to tell you about the time I tried out for track in 6th grade.

See, I remember when I fell in love with food. It was the summer between 3rd and 4th grade. I started watching “Days of Our Lives” because I was awesome and one day during the show I ate a whole box of reduced fat hostess cupcakes. Yes, reduced fat. But see, it isn’t reduced if you eat the ENTIRE box. Needless to say, this is when I got chubby.

Dammit Hostess. Why did you have to close? I haven't eaten this or a twinkie in years and now I want both!
Dammit Hostess. Why did you have to close? I haven’t eaten this or a twinkie in years and now I want both!

So imagine a chubby 12 year old running. That is already funny. I had never run in my life. I told my mom I needed new shoes to try out and when she let me pick them out I chose to Filas that were not running shoes at all. Come on mom. Where were you on that. And then while typing this I realized that it was actually maybe 7th grade because I think Jessi was there too. Her and Nicole and the other Nicole all wanted to try out and I was a follower and wanted to be included so I was like “Yea guys, I love running. It is the best!”


So, I tried out. And I am pretty sure I had one of the slowest times. Jessi has asthma. She killed me. And I am pretty sure I jumped the shortest distance of anyone who tried out. Like 3 feet. And when it came to high jump I actually jumped UNDER the bar. When we had to do one on one races I may have, but I am not admitting this, I may have peed my pants a little. If this is true, I am not sure why it would have happened.

I know. At this point you are biting your nails in anticipation to hear if I made the team. Sadly to say, I did not. But I did gain the confidence to jump a hurdle. Which lasted until we had to jump hurdles in gym class. Then I got scared and stopped in front of one but not quick enough to not trip over it and have to go to the nurse’s office.

Now when I run, I make sure that I have music to pump me up. Seriously, even if I am just walking fast I always mouth the words and use the correct breathing. I am like Britney Spears. Sometimes I even dance. So, if you are wanting to start running but think you can’t do it you can. Because if I can run anyone can run. Granted I don’t run far and I look like a spaz who is talking to myself I can still do it.

And for the record, have fun. Sing out loud, dance in front of people, high five someone on the road. It’s life and we are all a little cray.

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