Jenna Rae: NOT the Next Prefontaine AKA The Most Epic Fall Ever

Remember my last blog about running? No? Well here is a refresher:

I have been told that is the best blog I have ever written. Just throwing that out there.

Well let me tell you why I don’t run unless I absolutely have too. Today I was running late. This meant that I had 10 minutes to get to the street car. It takes me about 14 at a fast pace. I walk with purpose. So I drove half way there and walked the rest of the way. I couldn’t miss this street car because the next one came in 30 minutes and I had to be in class at 10. I am a TA, you know, I have to be professional (ha).

So on my way to the street car I turned on the ole’ radio dial and this little gem was playing…

You know that is my JAM. So by the time I got out of my car I was PUMPED. Ain’t nobody gun’ tell me I can’t do anything today. Oh shit, only 5 minutes to get to the street car. I better start running. So I did.

Here is a little background about Jenna on this Monday morning. I was wearing a cute little summer dress, my brown boots, my favorite green jacket and a backpack full of stuffed peppers and rice (I brought Ashley food because I am a nice person. I am. Stop shaking your head. I AM!).

So, Jenna starts running. Literally lasted about 10 seconds and the wobble started. I felt it coming. One foot over the other. Backpack was too heavy. There was no stopping it. Knees hit the sidewalk first. Backpack flew over my head.Chest hit the sidewalk. Dress went with the backpack…over my head.

Here is where I need to explain something to you. I have a love/hate relationship with underwear. I love to buy them or get them for free via my unintended membership is Victoria Secret’s club but I hate to wear them. I WAS wearing underwear today. Buttttt let’s just say they weren’t really covering anything.

So here I am. Facedown on the sidewalk. Exposed. Annnnnnd laughing. My body told me no. It said, “No Jenna, stop trying to run”. And the worst part of this whole story is that NOBODY WAS AROUND TO SEE THIS! So annoying. This fall was the best fall that has ever happened in the history of falls and there were no witnesses.

So here was the damage:

photo 1 photo 2

My poor boots. I am still going to wear them. They look rustic now, right?

I know you are wondering and the answer is yes, I did make it on the street car. And while I was cleaning my wound a nice gentleman handed me a bandaid. At least he thought he did.

photo 3

I appreciate the sentiment homie, but what am I going to do with a nasal strip in this situation?

The good news is, 4 months ago I would have gone home  and curled up in bed crying. I literally laughed the entire time this happened. And on the street car. And on the walk to class.

I am just going to go ahead and say it. I am a badass.

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