Let’s Talk About: COMPACT DISCS

So, let’s talk about COMPACT DISCS! I am a Sentimental Sally so of course I have albums that I love strictly because of the fact that they were representative of some area of my life. Let me just start this blog off by saying thanks to ANDY SCHNEPP for sticking things in my box…my dropbox. I annoy him for CDs all of the time. And he even throws in tidbits of wisdom such as , “go to the kitchen and find something to make a sandwich with so you don’t get rusty” and “thats fine, rely on your looks to get you through life. works for me!”

So first up let me tell you a sad story about compact discs. When I was in college I drove a 2000 Grand Am. Fun little fact about that year and model, it had issues with its window motors. 3 of mine broke and they were about 500 a piece to fix. I went with the duct tape route. The first window that broke cost me a rug. Someone broke into my car and stole my rug. The next time they stole my purse. I got all of the money back so I was fine…until I realized they stole all of my CDs. ALL OF THEM. My little treasure trove of music and memories. I bawled like a baby and it still hurts my heart. There was a lot of money and time invested in those 3 books of awesomeness. I lost my favorite CD ever.


Jack’s Mannequin-Everything in Transit

This is my favorite album in existence. August 24th, 2005 was a Tuesday. I booked it to Best Buy and bought this, delicately placed it into my stupid 2000 Grand Am and set off for the adventure known as college. Windows down, radio turned up as loud as it would go, singing the songs that I already knew. This was the soundtrack to a whole new part of life. The music on this means more to me than, well a lot of things. It still brings me back to that day I left for Indy, to the years in college where I turned to it for comfort and guidance, to friends, to road trips, to taking chances. This was the one that made be bawl when I realized it had been stolen. I will never own the actual CD that spent so much time with me.


Incubus-Make Yourself

This is the album that essentially changed my life. If you are from Indiana and you are cool than you remember the TV channel The Box where you could call in and pay for a music video (Britney Spears-Hit Me Baby One More Time was #263 and I was stoked every time I saw the little phone in the corner come up with that number). Well, that is where I first heard Stellar. And  then illegally downloaded it on Napster and played Diablo 2 with it in the background (God I was awesome).  I then bought this CD and it lived in my 5 disc stereo for YEARS. That started my love of Incubus which started my love of music. From the Incubus forum I learned about Juliana Theory and the spiral began. Learning of bands from other bands in their liner notes and forums. I bought this CD for my friend’s birthday. I still love it.  Even the cover art makes me happy.

First CD I ever purchased?


Don’t act like you didn’t have this CD and love to sing to it in pretend Spanish.

Second CD I ever bought?


Weirdest kid ever.

Break up CDs:

Juliana Theory- Love

Paramore – Riot

Elle Goulding – Whatever her first CD is called

The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

The Early November – The Room’s Too Cold


Other Albums I thoroughly enjoy and would put in my top 10:


This little beauty. My introduction to the genius that is Ben Gibbard. It came to me junior year of high school. That was the year I learned to hate love. (I keed, I keed).


LOVE LOVE LOVE this album. The best of Brand New in my opinion (although I do love Jude Law and Soco Amaretto). I couldn’t listen to some of this for a long time because it reminded me of someone. Then I said eff that, this is a great album and I am going to listen to it until it doesn’t make me sad so that I can have it back. And so I did.

I don’t spend as much time with full albums as I should anymore. My iPod only allows for so many songs and typically whole albums aren’t worth putting on there (alt-J being the latest exception to this. If you haven’t listened to An Awesome Wave yet, get on it).

The end.

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