Journal Ramblings: Sophomore Year of College

So I just pulled out what I thought was my high school journal, however it was actually my journal from sophomore year of college. And it is DEPRESSING. I loved a boy way too much and thought I was never going to get over it. I was not happy with myself. It was hard to read actually. But a good reminder of what hard work and time can accomplish. Hooray! So here I am now, wading through the depressing stuff and pulling out some of my best nuggets of wisdom from 06/07. Enjoy.


This summer has sucked, but I still like laser tagging.

Remember Josh Johnson. Room 210. Cool guy. (He bought me a sandwich when I worked at Candlewood)

Sean Madden-you better not have a kid, stupid face.

I can see Archana getting drunk all the time next year. (THIS HAPPENED)

I got tickets to Warped in Chicago, Indy, and Jack’s in Indy. Heck yes!

I went to the gynecologist today and found out that I have an elusive cervix.

…on the plus side, going to Warped in Chicago some guy said I had pretty eyes (The Nappannee party guy Archana! I forgot about him.) and on the way home from Indy I got a number from Sexy Ian after hanging my head out of Angie’s car and losing my sunglasses. Maybe that’s why I like meeting random people. There are no expectations with them.

I will read this later and be like “Fuck, I shouldn’t be so tied up in him”

We watched the Colts win today and Tampa Bay get shut out. Waha. Losers.

P.S. Radio might be kickass. (I wrote this 2 weeks into my first radio class…)

Sometimes I wish we wouldn’t have walked out of that game and into that bowling alley.

I want a home.

Then I got in a pit of guys for Baby Blue. Aha. A shining moment in my concert history. (I forgot about this show that ended up being all acoustic since the drummer had a family emergency).

And I never even found that damn Jamba Juice, AGAIN, but what a good time! (Not finding Jamba Juices after hours of looking is sort of my specialty).

Since when is work talking online and reading articles? Punkass trick. (???)

Dear Jenna, save money so you can travel…and stop being so fat. (Thank the heavens above I stopped being such an asshole to myself over the past 7 years. Some of these, actually most of these writings are horrifying).

Tis ’07 and John is being a douche so I am ignoring him.

I really just gotta let everything go and live for me.


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