Ryan Bingham 2.0

The adorable Ryan Bingham

So, I went in to work to get Jimmy Eat World tickets from my new BFF Ryan, aka the Promotions Director for Kink and he also had tickets for a show that night. What show you might ask? Actually, you probably aren’t asking that because you read the title of this blog and were able to deduce it. Either way, it was Ryan Bingham.

The first thing I thought when he handed me the tickets was: REDEMPTION!

Flashback to Sasquatch a couple of weeks ago: a place where the real world and wise choices disappear for a full 5 days. Also a place where eating Rice Krispie treats full of THC is legal. And chasing them with straight whiskey is the only logical choice. Ryan Bingham was on at 2 PM on the last day of Sassy and this was the scene of the best nap I have ever had, despite being uncovered in the rain and holding on to a Lil’ Hottie hand warmer for dear life. Subconsciously, I heard his set and thought he was good, so that counts right? Well, not enough for me. Hence, REDEMPTION!

Wild Feathers was the opening act but we only made it for 2 songs. They were legit though. My new friend Diva and her incredibly young looking mother were having a ball and dancing up a storm. They had at least 2 singers (“We have dual vocalists. Name one other band that has done that?!”…”The Beatles!” “Shut up, Ben”…name that reference).  They were also at Sassy and I heard good things. I checked out a couple of tunes before I went and this was my fav:

Obviously the show was folk-ish. And there were cowboy hats, which I do not agree with, but what do I know? Aside from the fact that if you wear a cowboy hat I will not hit on you. Unless you are Dustin Lynch…ugh that perfect smile. However, you can wear a sweet fedora…

…but only if your name is Ryan Bingham and you have that sultry, raspy voice. I will be honest, I like him a lot better live than I do via Spotify. Also, homie is adorable. If you were not aware, he actually won an Academy, Grammy, and Golden Globe Award for best original song in Crazy Heart.  The song above is called The Weary Kind, a beautiful little ditty and one of the only slow songs he did. He had a full band for the rest of the show, including an adorable senior violin/fiddle player.

A quick note about the Roseland Theater, I loved the look of it and the feel. It instantly brought me back to the less than stellar, dark, smelly venues I spent my high school days in. Only this place had the WORST sound I have ever experienced at a show. I heard from my roommate that Alt-J sounded fine there, but they are also Alt-J and always sound great (I know that them being good has nothing to do with the sound quality but I just love them so).

Roseland Theater in downtown Portland

I feel like this show was more of a success. Although I only know the names of a few songs, I was coherent during the whole set! Hooray! I only had 5 beers throughout the night. See, I can be classy. (We also might have ended the night at Spice, a fine gentleman’s establishment where I may have made best friend’s with Frank the bouncer who asked me out later, tackled Alex, told a 26 year old groom to be that he was making a huge mistake, and got myself and Alex in for free. But that is just a hypothetical situation.)

This was my favorite song of the night and of his as a whole because I think it is hilariously awesome.

I am going to start calling people when I show up to their house and sing this while knocking on their door.

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