Updated New Year’s Resolutions

Okkkkk. So we are halfway through 2013 and I decided to go back through my small list of resolutions for this year and see if I made any progress. Let’s look at the prognosis:

1. Get Nick Lopez to Dropbox me Mumford and Sons Road to Red Rocks. CHECK!

2. Go see a show at Red Rocks. (This has been a goal of mine since Live at Red Rocks came out my senior year of high school. If the show could be Incubus, that would be even better. In fact, I would count that as TWO goals accomplished.) Not check. However, I did go to the Gorge, which I think MIGHT actually be better. And, Archana and I have decided to go to Colorado in March so I will at least SEE the venue. I am okay with that. By the way, Hey Jesse! We are coming to see you in March.

3. Go to a new country. Again, poor and pressed for time so Canada it is! Might as well mark it off the list while I live relatively close to Vancouver. – God dammit. This is happening this summer. Alex, you in?!

4. Get a part time job. Hopefully this one is accomplished in January. Momma needs money. Dave Ramsey would NOT be proud of the fact that I spend more money than I make. Jenna’s bank account is not happy about this either. – Hey, so this happened. Ironically, it needs to happen again for the summer.

5. Learn to sew. This one can happen after I get a part time job. No money, no hobbies. – Still keeping this on my list, but probably for when  home girl gets another big girl job because she needs a free hobby. So my new goal is to acquire a guitar for strumming and finger picking action galore.

6. Don’t get fat. Yes, not lose weight, just don’t gain any. I like where I am now but I also really like cheese and chocolate so I must learn to balance this. – Check, maybe? I don’t know, I maintained my weight so there’s that.

7. Camp at a national park. – I camped at the Gorge and didn’t shower for 5 days, so that is kind of the same, right?

I didn’t really think about how much time Grad school was going to steal from my life. I am adding new goals to this list. They aren’t really time sensitive, just things I have been thinking about recently. So, new goals:

1. Acquire guitar and actually write a song. See, I have tons of things that are songs in my head but they have no actual music to them. So I will shittily write a song and then require Sam Keith to fix it, because he is the greatest guitar man that I actually know personally. Seriously. That mother fucker is beating them bitches off in Japan. Also, I am hood now. Get over it.

2. Sing with a band. I am a weenie.


In my head this would be the greatest experience ever to occur. However, I have no faith in myself and think I would have to be drunk. Catch 22: drinking makes me not able to sing. CURSES! So, Jenna must stop being a weenie at some point and just do it.

3. Hold a really awesome grudge. Seriously, I can hold a grudge like no other. But, I don’t currently have one. I need to develop a REALLY awesome grudge so that on upon my untimely death bed I can let go of the grudge and someone’s life will become much better.

4. Before I leave Portland, whenever that might be, I must travel to Seattle, Canada, and down that rumored beautiful coastal highway. It might add to my poorness, but whatever.

5. Have a solid response when people say, “Tell me about yourself?” I hate this question. Here is what I have so far. My name is Jenna and I am from Indiana. I love to write and would personally define myself as a writer. I won’t comment on the quality though. I love to make people laugh. I am extremely passionate, especially when it comes to music, which is my heart and soul, aside from my adorable beagle, Tim. Incubus is my favorite band, which also describes how loyal of a person I am. I am thoughtful, punctual, and eventually will be a Master of life. I love summer and being in the water. If I had a super power it would be gills, which isn’t really a power, but I could stop oil spills maybe. I also love dresses and fun earrings. I am also very sarcastic and terrible at making eggs and finding destinations.

6. Fall for a nice person. Apparently nice people scare the shit out of me and I am only attracted to people I can’t completely have. This of course won’t happen until I decide to stop being an island…which is never.

7. Graduate from Grad school.

8. Find someone who has a pleasant response to my plans for the future. The conversation will go something like this, “So what are you going to do when you graduate?” “First of all, thanks for the faith in me! That’s great. I have no idea though. It’s a ways off and I am sure it’ll work out.” “Ahhh, that’s really great. Of course I have faith in you. You are an intelligent lady with a good head on your shoulders who makes marginally good decisions. I don’t think you should worry. You have skills that will get you far in life and someone will be extremely happy to have you working for them. And, you’ll have a lot of options so you can pick whatever you want to do, as long as it isn’t a doctor or dentist or something with a specialized degree that you don’t have.” “Thanks, that is really nice and practical of you to say.”

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