Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: A Review


“I knew she was going to be good but not THAT good” – Me

See, I could have found some similar quote from a reviewer or newspaper or something, but it is funnier to quote myself. And I did literally say that while we were walking out of the Crystal Ballroom.

First of all, she was ROCKING this sparkly number with a slit up to her damn hip. As you can see above, she can work anything that shows of her gams. She came out and killed it on guitar on the first song (see, I was really hoping that someone would have posted the set list by now. Bad Jenna.) But let’s get past the whole “hot woman who has the voice of an angel and can shred on the guitar” part and talk about the really important issue at hand; B3 HAMMOND! She plays the B3. During my stint as Music Director for the great 88.7 The Diamond if the music had a B3 or a vibraphone there was a good chance it was getting added. I love me a B3. It’s funky and Grace is full of soul so it is a match made in heaven.

So imagine that hippie chick that you see spinning around at Coachella or a similar music festival (think Woodstock) and I am pretty sure that would be an accurate picture of Grace, except a lot sexier. She has that kind of energy on stage and you can tell that she loves and breathes the music that she makes; that it feeds her soul. That is the type of musician that I can’t get enough of. I can’t help but think of Janis (obviously I am not the first to draw that comparison) while watching or listening to Grace. In a time when music falls to the wayside of age, looks, money, and the new dance craze, it is refreshing to see a band doing it right. Making music on their own terms and loving every second of it.

But even though Grace is a total bad ass, I can’t overlook The Nocturnals. They were a jam band. You could tell that they not only enjoyed playing together, but also just enjoyed each other. They were so cohesive. At some point there were 3 guitars and they had a little mini battle. Each person played multiple instruments and during one of the songs (Dammit Jenna, nay, dammit other people that were there who didn’t upload the set list) the ENTIRE band, including Grace, all played the drums. As in, they all hit the drummer’s drum set at the same time. It was neat.

This one was one of my fave’s. I adore three part harmonies. Imagine my excitement at a FIVE PART HARMONY. Yes please! (Obviously this was from a previous show somewhere else).

And then she pretended to close the night with this one:

…and after that I was pretty sure I wanted to be Grace Potter. I was a little sad though because I wasn’t sure if they were doing an encore and they still hadn’t played Stars. I thought they would just do it tomorrow since it was a double show.


It was beautiful. I am going to post my favorite version of it here just because I feel like everyone needs to hear it. She is live and raw and beautiful. You  might cry.

Also, I am posting the minute of live video from my iPhone, which of course blows.

Other highlights for me included Roulette, Paris (Oh La La), The Lion, The Beast, and The Beat, and Turntable, which I wasn’t a huge fan of before seeing it in person.

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