194 Words of Advice for You

So this will be a short blog, because I am capable of being concise. I am.

So here is some advice I consider pretty solid:

There are a lot of shitty people out there in this giant world we live in. When you find someone that doesn’t suck, hold on to them. Not literally, unless you are really into hugging, which is apparently a lot of people…weirdos. But seriously, make an effort to be in their life and to keep them in yours. Be nice to them. Invest time in them. Be grateful that someone that awesome wants to be your friend. Deserve them.

And if you are a crappy person. Stop it. Why would you do that? Bad. Bad you. Life is this thing that seems to last forever, but it doesn’t, and at some point your crappiness will catch up to you. So, just stop being sucky and start being cool. I promise, life will become a lot better.

As people, we won’t get along with all other people. We won’t like all other people. But we can respect all other people. Ok, most other people.

So let’s all be awesome!

That is all.

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