When I Grow up I Want to Be A…

…HA! I will never grow up so that statement is null. But life insists that I have an answer for this anyway. See, I guess some people go to grad school with employment in mind. I went because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I am hoping to fall into a dream job. Everyone that I know who thought they had a dream job and then worked it has actually hated it. So, I just plan to go where the wind takes me. However, people ALWAYS look at me like I am nuts. I think I miss out on jobs and internships when that question comes along. I truly don’t know though. There are SO many possible career paths out there. Why can’t a girl just explore for a while? Why I gotta limit myself world? So, here are a few of my ideas:

Own a Dog Farm

And not the kind where dogs go to die. The kind where I save them all from shelters and they come and live on my 1,000 acre farm in peace and harmony. And at night, they all come snuggle me and I never need blankets or pillows. Granted, this has no income potential.

Professional Ice Cream Taster

I mean, I pretty much already got this one in the bag. I just need someone to supply me with the ice cream for free and then pay me to eat it. Also, provide a gym membership for me.

Holocaust Expert

All of the information I read at this point in my life goes in one ear and out the other so I don’t think I could ever be an expert on anything. But, maybe one day my face will be on a documentary that high school students are forced to watch along with the title “Expert”.

Professional Modcloth Dress Wearer

Who wouldn’t want to twirl around in pretty dresses all day long?

Professional Blogger

I have this image of sitting by a pool, which is by a beach, which is in a small city outside of San Fran with a laptop and a floppy hat. Maybe writing about bands and music or whatever tickles my fancy.

Preferably for Buzzfeed

Sometimes I read captions and almost pee myself. I think, “Yeah, doner kebob does need to be on this list 3 times. Good job”. I could write captions all day long.

Sweet Music Venue Owner

I used to want to open a venue with an adult playground attached. And when I say playground, I mean 3 story slides, 5 feet ball pits, and unlimited milkshakes from the milkshake dispenser. Chuck E Cheese without the kids, smell of pee, and recent thefts and battery. I would also settle for booking bands or doing PR. (I love the HOB in Chi. It is one of my favorite places ever. If I ever get married…)

Now, I would also be okay with doing PR/Communications for a cool company such as Modcloth or the Humane Society, stay in radio for a while, or if all else fails go with what I wanted to be in elementary school…


a fricken rock star!

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