You Can’t Steal My Songs: Mental Copyright

Music. I am OBSESSED with it. Currently it is the Civil Wars, which happens quite often because I stumble upon a live video of theirs and then watch all of the videos they have ever made. They are amazing and their new song The One That Got Away is a got damn treasure. Listen to it.

I love music so much so when it gets stolen from me I get angry. Then I steal it back. HA! Of course I mean stolen literally, but more so figuratively. I couldn’t steal back my CDs when they got stolen, but I can figuratively steal my songs back.

So, I have been in some relationships in my life, as well as some sort of relationship hybrid weird things. Basically they have all followed the same pattern.

Step 1: You meet

Step 2: You get all goo goo eyed and think about how adorable they are

Step 3: You get their number and start the cutesy texting

Step 4: You hang out and then can’t believe that you could meet someone this awesome! This part usually involves me asking about favorite bands and musical interests. (What? You love Muse too?! Get out of town! But not really because I would miss you).

Step 5: You start “dating”/Become official (or sometimes in my case you drop them when they want to be official because you’re just not all about that. I mean, there’s dudes with ponytails and tanks out there that you need to meet and get goo goo eyed over…”

Step 6: You start associating songs and bands with them. This song for that moment, this band that you discovered through them, etc.

Step 7: You go to concerts…this also happens in non romantic relationships for muah.

Step 8: Uh oh trouble in paradise. Guess I better listen to music to help me through this.

Step 9: Oh crap, relationship over. More music.

Step 10: WHY?! Why couldn’t we make it work wahhhhh…MUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSICCCC.

Step 11: Fuck you. I am great. Jerk.

Step 12: I can’t listen to that song because it reminds me of them…

EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Stop right there. See, I refuse to let step 12 be the end. So, after step 12 I reach my angry/stubborn phase, and if you have met me I shine in this phase. I have the hardest head you will ever come across (ha). I suppose it is kind of like splitting up friends amongst a couple. But NO ONE is getting my music. So, when I get over step 10 and move on to step 11, I listen to those songs on repeat until they don’t upset me anymore. No you can’t have Brand New. No you can’t have the Starting Line, no you can’t have The Civil Wars (see, with that one the person didn’t even listen to them so had I not taken them back they would have just been swirling and twirling through the candy cane forest of life).

Recently Stubborn Love was welcomed back into the library of Jenna. So take that butt face. Not only is it great to be able to listen to the songs you love, but I consider it a triumph, a “Screw you!” to the person who did you wrong.

You can’t have my heart, you can’t have my songs, you can’t even have my Facebook friendship (maybe in like 6 years…that’s how long I can hold a really good grudge, perhaps even longer if I am REALLY determined).

Now I still think of said people  occasionally when I hear dem tunes, but it’s more of a fleeting memory. The memory of a memory. And then I smile and think, “My song”.

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