Social Comparison Theory as Explained by Jenna

Hey look…a blog post.

Work work, work work work. That has pretty much been my life for the summer. My brain is so tired. So, so tired. I think I need to sleep for about 3 days straight, but that won’t happen until Christmas break. Wahhhh. Oh well.

So remember that time I started this blog to write about Grad School (hence the name) and it kind of turned into random thoughts about life by Jenna? Well, I am okay with that because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want, but today I shall drop some knowledge on you.


Slippery slope is perhaps my favorite lesson of school thus far, and that happened Junior year of Undergrad. Whenever I hear the term it brings back fond memories of good ole’ Sutphin. Basically, it’s the logic that once you take a small step you have to take another and eventually you are just slipping and sliding down a slip n’ slide of trouble…and into a shark’s mouth.

Ahhhhh! The slippery slope is gun’ eat me!

I have kind of accidentally  been on a slippery slope and I blame social media. Why? Because it has the archival and recordable capabilities that allow you to see everything that ever happened in the past. Why does this matter? Because of a little theory known as Social Comparison, brought to light by a man named Leon Festinger. Sound familiar? Yes, it is the same Festinger of Cognitive Dissonance fame. Let me sum up the SC theory for you. Basically, we have to formulate ideas about ourselves but we can’t do that without something to base these ideas off of. So, we pick people that are in a similar status group and compare our characteristics to them (minus celebrities who have unattainable characteristics, so you know, it makes since that we ALL compare ourselves to them…human are dumb). I hypothesize that FB exacerbates this trend because you have the ability to see all of your friends, past and present and what they are doing, how they look, how many babies they have etc. It is at the drop of a dime now. Not to mention your significant other’s past partners. It’s a blessing and a curse. And I think I got caught up in it.

What a dummy. I don’t know why we do this to ourselves. I mean, I do. I have studied Festinger and his glorious theories, but it is so dumb. I was happy being just Jenna, and I should be happy being just Jenna. So what if other people are whatever they are that might be “better” than me? That’s life. I do not have the build to be super skinny, and I find curvier girls more attractive anyway. I write in a specific style that other people might not find appealing. Oh well, there are literally thousands upon thousands or writer’s out there and I am pretty sure each of them have their critics. And sometimes it hurts my brain to be friendly to people. You can’t be a ray of sunshine every day. We all have our flaws but we should focus on what makes us unique and beautiful when we compare ourselves to others and not what we think we lack. The past is the past and, especially with exes, something lacked there, something that you have.

So, I  guess I will climb out of that shark’s mouth and get some cleats or something so the walk back up the slope isn’t so slippery. Stupid human brain.

Also, a commercial for beer came on and now I want one. Just thought you should know.

The end.



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