If You Like It Then You Shoulda…CLEANED IT!

I have been dealing with the phenomenon in my life the last few years that I like to call Baby Adultism. Now, I am the first to admit that I have no problem asking my mommy for help when I need it. In fact, she is helping me pay for school.  But my bills, my rent, my food, my clothing, my automobile…that is and has been all me since I got a job after school. Now granted, 2 of my favorite people are on the mild end of this spectrum, but I like them so I can deal with it. What I can’t deal with is people who are nearing their 30’s who still act like their mom should be following them around with a duster and a roll of paper towels. That type of thinking should have stopped when you were 7.

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True Life: I am a Frustrating Individual

Side note, remember when MTV’s True Life used to be kind of good? It’s not anymore, just try to watch the episode called “I am too Beautiful”. Hot mess.

So at this point, this post is worth $18 because it is the first one I have done all year, and that is the annual cost of owning a website. I am the worst. I have been a big ball of frustration and irritation mixed with sadness and doubt which made me ignore my blog because I didn’t want to try to write that all out, but here we are. So, here is a list of my first world problems (aka things that frustrate me from least to most).

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One Boyfriend + 16 hours between us = Valentine’s Day Alone

PSU Chronicles


by Jenna Rae Tucker

So, being in a long distance relationship is rough. I used to think a two-hour drive was bad, but it’s cake compared to the 16-hour fiasco I am dealing with now. The distance definitely blows when holidays or your birthday comes around and it’s just not feasible to travel that far. Even though I have never been a celebrator of Hallmark’s favorite card selling day, Valentine’s Day, (I made this fact up), it is yet another reminder of how far away my dumb boyfriend is.

But never fear! There are some positives here, like:

  1. You can totally get all of your homework done and only be distracted by food, the TV, your dog, rain, or whatever else is around that seems more fun than homework.
  2. You can talk to your dog all day without someone else thinking you’re weird.
  3. Shaving your legs…pshhhh
  4. Wearing real pants. Yeah…right.

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