Other People’s Little People AKA Kids Are Annoying

Just a forewarning, this blog will be like Family Guy, as in it will start in one direction and end in a way that makes you forget how it started because it didn’t really matter.

So, I live in California now and yes, it is a drag. It is hot, and spread out, and annoying. On the plus side, there is a pool in the middle of the apartment complex and apparently people in California are all “I’m so used to this weather that I don’t ever need to swim”, so basically no one is ever in there. Which is surprising to me, but I’d rather have all of the water to myself so keep being weird Californians.

Occasionally though, neighbors bring their kids to the pool. When this happens, I remember why I can’t stand other people’s kids. Of course, there are exceptions to this when occasionally a kid is just so bad ass you want to adopt them and take them home, but that is few and far between.

Now, when your friends have kids, even if the kids suck, you get a payoff from having to deal with them. You like their parents so you deal with their annoyingness so you can still be friends with their parents. But with strangers, you don’t know them AND you have to put up with their kids.

Basically, kids annoy me. That is what this blog boils down too. Mom and Dad brought their girl to the pool and she just cried and whined. She wanted to go underwater, but she was scared. She wanted to get out, but she didn’t. Whine whine cry. Cry cry whine. If it was my kid I’d just push her under, bada bing bada boom. I thought about doing it anyway.

I’m sure it’s like dogs though. I liked dogs but when I got my own dog, I feel 1,000 percent in love with him and 100 percent in love with all other dogs. But until I accidentally make a spawn, kids annoy me.

The end

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