Taking it back to the year 2000: A dream come true

Everyone knows that Jenna loves Incubus. It has been a fact since 8th grade, although, it is not as hard core now as it was then. I was a bit obsessed. I was all:

My 13 year old self’s favorite past time was sitting at the computer and scrolling through Limewire to find all of the rare Incubus treats that were not included on albums, because of course I had all of the CDs.

Then, I came across a beautiful, nay, masterpiece of 6 live songs that were part of something called the “Almost Acoustic Christmas”. Apparently there was a station called KROQ and they had all of these awesome annual shows in the (what I once considered) great city of Los Angeles. This version of the Warmth quickly became my favorite ever, and from that moment on, my dream became to work at KROQ and attend all of these events.

Fast forward 14 years. A realistic Jenna accepts the fact that she will never work at KROQ, however, now that she lives in (the worst city in the world) Los Angeles, she can finally attend a KROQ event:

Day 1: See ya at the Forum!

My momma bought me tickets for my birthday and I am so stoked. The only thing that could make it better is if I worked at Kroq. Or, if Foo Fighters were on the bill…or Muse. Okay, so a lot of things could make it better. But, it’s still pretty damn great.

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