Mirror Mirror on the Wall…Wait, is that My Identical Twin?!

So, this might be weird, but whatever. I think the strangest things at night and last night I found myself wondering if I would recognize my twin? Clearly, I would know I had a twin if I was raised with her. But, what if something crazy happened and we were separated at birth and never knew the other existed?

There was a set of twins on my campus during undergrad and they were always hanging out together. They both wayyyyyy over teased their hair and I always wondered how they thought it looked good? I mean, thinking it looks good on yourself in the mirror is one thing, but seeing it on a completely different person that just happens to look like you is another.

But I digress. I think it seems like a “Duhhhh of course you would recognize a mirror image of yourself”, however I think that I am bad at recognizing exactly what I look. When people compare to a celebrity, I never see the likeness. So, what do I know? Maybe I would think she was the most beautiful girl in the world, or an uggfest, or more likely I would just pass her without a second glance.

Random and makes no sense? Welcome to my brain.

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