My first boyfriend…and I didn’t even know.

First of all, ha. It’s been a crap ton of time since I blogged. I should catch you up on my life, but in Jenna style, I will wait 10 months.

To the point: I was driving to work today and thought about my first real crush. It started in 6th grade on the bus and lasted until Freshman year. Of high school, I’m not THAT lame.

Remember the good ole’ days of AIM? I used to sit in the basement chatting with all my BFF’s waiting for said crush’s name to pop up. Since the site is pretty much dead and he changed it to something stupid later, I will shared with you that his screenname was RKewl13. That name is also stupid, but I was Silvereve9, so, to each their own.

I would never talk to him though, which is hilarious since we were actually pretty good friends. In fact, he was my first boyfriend and asked me out VIA AIM. Only, I didn’t really comprehend what had happened so I had no idea. My glorious dreams come true and I was privy to them. Wahh.

Until 2 days late, when he broke up with me to go back out with his ex. I laugh to myself as I type this, but it was pretty traumatic. Oh, I’m also pretty sure he broke up with me on AIM. God dammit, AIM.

Seriously, most of the time something bad happens to me I just tell myself in due time I will find it to be quite funny. Most of the time, with the exception of truly traumatic events, this holds true.

Oh Ryan Koepp, you’ll never read this, but if you did that would also make me laugh.

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