Revisiting My Bucket List From 2012—Did I Check Anything Off The Past Five Years?

Way back in grad school—not sure how it’s already been five years since I packed up everything I owned and moved to Portland—I made a list of goals. I didn’t exactly label it as a bucket list, just more like some cool things I wanted to do that year.

Riding a horse, fostering a dog, and being in a pie eating contest were NOT on said list, but all three are things I’ve always wanted to do. And I got to check them all off my list in 2017. I’ll eventually make post dedicated to each of those. But for now, I thought it would be fun for 31-year-old Jenna to check in on that list she made back in December of  2012 at the tender age of 26.

So, here we go!

Jenna’s Sort of Bucket List from 2012

1. Get Nick Lopez to Dropbox me Mumford and Sons Road to Red Rocks. 

I am pretty sure I made this happen. It was a pretty easy one. But, I only ever listen(ed) to like four songs from it.

2. Go see a show at Red Rocks. (This has been a goal of mine since Live at Red Rocks came out my senior year of high school. If the show could be Incubus, that would be even better. In fact, I would count that as TWO goals accomplished.) 

ACTUALLY DID THIS! And it WAS Incubus and it WAS memorable. But, I also went to Sasquatch in 2013 and 2014 and I have to say the Gorge slays Red Rocks. I’d happily catch another show at either though.

3. Go to a new country. Again, poor and pressed for time so Canada it is! Might as well mark it off the list while I live relatively close to Vancouver. 

Canada is STILL on my list. And I think we might make this one happen in 2018. However, I did go to Thailand last spring, so that’s another one checked off!

4. Get a part time job. Hopefully this one is accomplished in January. Momma needs money. Dave Ramsey would NOT be proud of the fact that I spend more money than I make. Jenna’s bank account is not happy about this either. 

This one didn’t take very long. I actually got hired at Entercom in sales. I was planning to weasel my way into programming but Alpha Media actually picked me up a week after I accepted the first job and it was straight to the airwaves. Then I moved to LA and it was a slew of temp and part time work for the better part of a year.

5. Learn to sew. This one can happen after I get a part time job. No money, no hobbies. 

Welp, we are at the first one that I didn’t accomplish. My mom got me a sewing machine in 2016 and it’s still in the box. But, I did take a sewing class before that. I just need to find one a little slower-paced for my exceptional skills of whatever is below beginner.

6. Don’t get fat. Yes, not lose weight, just don’t gain any. I like where I am now but I also really like cheese and chocolate so I must learn to balance this.

I’d say I kind of stuck to this one. I hover in a 10-pound range that I find healthy. I am a little outside of it right now but that’s what January is for, right?

7. Camp at a national park. 

Thanks to Jesse and Archana this one happened in 2016. We only got to camp for one day due to the weather at Yosemite, but it counts. It was a very interesting trip…in more ways than one. Maybe someday I will share that story here. But probably not.

I’d say this is a pretty good showing for never checking back in on my list. I still need to learn to sew, and I have a few other items to add to my updated 2018 list. So, expect to see an updated bucket list post from me soon.

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