Things To Do Before I Die: My Bucket List Version 2.018

Last week I posted about my old bucket list from 2012. Without ever looking back on it, I managed to check off all but one thing over the past five years. I am pret-ty impressed by that. But now, I need to update this sucker.

Learn to Sew

This is the one thing I didn’t quite manage to accomplish. I did take a three session class and acquire a sewing machine. But I was a little strapped for cash and time last year. I will probably always feel that way, but I refuse to just leave the machine in the box. I want to be a hemming champion so this stays on the list.

Leave The Country

Traveling is always going to be on the list. But, hopefully this year I can actually get to Canada. It just seems ridiculous that it’s so close and I still don’t have that stamp in my passport. I’d also like to get back to Europe. I need to explore Ireland, Scotland, England, Greece and Spain.

Become A Chopped Champion

I am not seeking validation for my cooking skills. I don’t want to be on the show, I literally want to learn to chop…and julienne and all the other fancy knife skills chefs have. I don’t know why, but I think it would be so cool to show up to parties and prepare fresh veggies. I’d be the lady that for some reason knows how to chop stuff really well.

Knit A Solid Scarf

I started a mustard-colored scarf during a Sip and Knit class and I still haven’t finished it. Not because I can’t or don’t want to. Just because it’s so awful that I don’t know what I am going to do with it. Probably force Zach to wear it. But, I want to learn how to knit like a more-skilled beginner and be able to fix my mistakes. Then I can knit scarves for shelter dogs. Is that a thing? It will be.

Adopt A Bonded Pair Of Dogs

This one is for later down the road. When Tim dies at a really old age, I would like to start fostering older dogs or adopt one that Little gets along with. Then, when they both leave this world at like 22, I want to adopt a bonded pair. They are generally harder to adopt out and tend to be in the shelter longer than single dogs. I also clearly want to keep fostering pups throughout life. My other goal is to be a foster failure, which I assume will be really easy.

Go Skiing

This one should be really simple, considering I live two hours from Tahoe. I had a really bad experience when I was a kid skiing and have not tried it since. It’s been like 25 years, so I should probably get the sport another go.

Start A Web/Graphic Design Certificate Program

I love Photoshop and design in general, but I have never learned how to actually use the software. I’ve just made do and played around. I know that web and graphic design are key elements to any communication job, so it’s a skill set I need. It’s also one that I enjoy and one that ties together everything else I do (writing, blogging, social media, on air etc.)

Buy A House With A Pool

This is like the ultimate adult thing in my head. I am not ready for it yet. I don’t fully know where I want to live for a long period of time. I’ve been out of Indiana for over five-year now, but I’ve been in three different cities since then. One day though, imma have the best pool parties. (They’ll just be me with a drink in my hand on a float and my dogs nearby.) Also, I am poor.

Have A She-Shed

Which as Alex Dunphy points out, should just be a shed. I try to decorate with Zach in mind for most projects. But I would love to one day have a small, get-away space that’s just for me where I can go balls to the wall on florals and rustic decor.

Order One Of Everything At A Restaurant

When I feel like I can do this and not regret it financially, that’s how I’ll know that I’ve made it. Zach thought about taking me to McDonald’s and doing this when he proposed. He didn’t. He should’ve. One day.

See The Juliana Theory Live

I didn’t go see them in Michigan in high school. Then they broke up in college. THEN they had a reunion tour. I bought tickets, and then they decided to reunite and work on a new album and canceled the reunion tour. I mean, it’s cool new music I guess. But I don’t want to see new music on tour. I want to see the songs I already know and love and never got to see in person.

Be A Judge At A Food Competition

I’m looking at you Sac Burger Battle and Sacramento Donut Fest.

Take A Cross-Country Road Trip In An RV

I don’t know why I want to do this. I feel like I will actually hate it since I get carsick and that’s a lot of time in a vehicle, but it just seems like something everyone needs to do.

Go To A Calligraphy Course

Putting a good ink pen on paper will never get old to me. I don’t know about you, but I am SUPER particular about my pens. I loves me a good Sharpie Ink pen or a ball-point pen. I’d love to be able to create pretty cards and quotes just for fun.

Stay In A Unique AirBNB

It could be a yurt, treehouse, tiny house or even an airstream. If it has string lights, that would be even better.

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