My Top Five Restaurants In Sacramento [With Photos!]

Hi. My name is Jenna and I love food. A lot. It makes me super happy.

I’ve only been in Sacramento for a little over two years, and every time I start to make a dent in my list of places to eat, I have to add like three more. I’ve done pretty well though, so I think it’s time to share my faves. Then hopefully you’ll tell me what I need to add.

First let’s go for some of the places that didn’t make it but that I enjoy.

Cafeteria 15L because the place is huge and the patio is awesome. Also, bottomless mimosas are always a yes in my book.

As far as burgers are concerned, I know In-N-Out isn’t strictly Sacramento, but it’s here and it’s good. Not the fries, just the burger. I also loves me a good cheese skirt from Squeeze Burger.

And I’m currently obsessed with the Tai Pho at Pho Saigon Bay, the donut ice cream cones at Sweet Dozen, and the ridiculously amazing hot chocolate at Ginger Elizabeth’s. Oh, and Chando’s Tacos has never steered me wrong.

5. Mikuni Sushi

It took me a while to actually make it into Mikuni. There is a lot of hype surrounding this place. Plus, I am not the biggest sushi fan. But I have to say, I was impressed. The first time we went for happy hour and it was a pretty good menu—selection and price wise. The standout for me was the Mikey Handroll.

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The happy hour at @mikunisushi is 🔥

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I could eat 12 of them. Plus the staff and the atmosphere are  pretty darn great.

4. Cabana Winery

We stumbled upon this tiny place when we used to live in East Sacramento and were pleasantly surprised. The food can sometimes take a while and there are only about six tables inside, along with a bar, but the chicken apple pizza makes up for it.

We’re talking chicken apple sausage, apple slices, arugula, onion, a lemon honey glaze and gouda. These are a few of my favorite things. Sadly, they have moved their tasting room to Lodi so I might have to do a little road trip soon.

3. Frank Fat’s

I am so glad I picked this as one of my Dine Downtown places this year. All of the food was good, but the Walnut Prawns was literally the best shrimp dish I have ever had at a restaurant. Or anywhere for that matter. Three of us went and I ate 80 percent of the prawns. Sorry dudes.

2. Selland’s

Or really anything in this company: OBO, Ella and probably The Kitchen but I am poor so I haven’t been to the last one. I have never had something I didn’t like at one of their locations and I love the whole “see your food before you eat it” thing.

Plus, there are a lot options and you get points. One day I’ll earn that free pizza.

1. South 

We take everyone that comes to visit us here to eat. It is my favorite place and home to the best fried chicken and biscuit I have ever had. Even the kale is straight up delicious. It’s a place where I order the same thing every time—Petey’s Chicken with a side of mac and cheese—but try samples from whoever comes with me.

Go there. Get the fried chicken. Bring me some.

Now with all that said, I still have some places on my list to try: Empress Tavern, Fox & Goose, The Federalist, Burgers and Brew, One Speed, Tower Cafe, Canon and Aioli Bodega to name way more than a few.

But what wasn’t mentioned here that you think I NEED to give a try?

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