And We All Float On…In A Float Tank To Help With Anxiety

We are two months into 2018, and I’ve been trying to take some steps to manage my sometimes crippling anxiety. And when I say steps, I’m talking small, manageable things that aren’t going to feel overwhelming.

The first thing I did was purchase a small diffuser to use at night. When I go to bed, I use a few drops of a lavender essential oil which is pretty soothing. Not just the scent, but the sound of the diffuser as well.

Also, I bought a lovely little notebook and I’ve been writing one positive thing that happens to me each day. Which can be a little tough, but so far I’ve been able to do it. It helps that I can always use Timmy’s cuteness and snuggling ability as an entry.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for recommendations on handling anxiety and someone recommended trying out Capitol Floats. Which was cool, because I’d actually tried them out back in December.

Image from Capitol Floats

If you’ve never been floating, it’s essentially a tank of water loaded with enough salt to make you bouyant. Like the name suggests, you just float on top of the water in the small-ish chamber.

The first time I visited the facility, I could definitely tell that floating would be helpful. This zen feeling just hits you as soon as you walk through the doors. I felt it was something that would take practice though. It’s like meditation—it has immense benefits but you can’t expect to just be good at it. Clearing your mind and relaxing is hard. Doing it for an hour is a big challenge, at least for me.

But, I am at a point that I am willing to take it on. Capitol Floats hooked me up with the three float package, which is generally what they recommend starting with. My plan is to go once every two weeks and reassess at that point. But I wanted to share my journey because I know I am not the only one out there struggling with anxiety.

The Floating Process

So when you book your float, you’ll pick a room. Each room has a shower and a float tank.

Room 4

You get undressed (we are talking full nakedness here), pop in your earplugs (provided to you), then shower to get off oils and whatever else you’re carrying around from the day. When that’s done, it’s time to enter the tank and hang out for 60 minutes.

The tank itself is heated, and you can listen to some soothing music and keep the  blue light on if you so choose. Let me just say though, I kept the light on my first float and turned it for the second one.

Image from Capitol Floats

For me, floating in total darkness made a huge difference. You just kind of melt into the water and become one with the space.

Now, an hour is a long time. On my second float, I did really well in 20 minute increments. I forgot to take of my Vivofit so I was checking the time occasionally which was a hindrance. My goal is to make it the whole hour without checking, but that will come with time and experience.

I don’t remember exactly how I felt after my first float, but I was so relaxed after the second one. They also have a really cool post-float space with water, kombucha and materials to harness those creative juices that are at their peak.

Note that you are going to be super salty, literally, after you float. So, maybe don’t go right before an event. Give yourself some time to decompress.

Image from Capitol Floats

Each float is different, but I am excited to see how I do on the third one. You’re encouraged to go in without any expectations, which is helpful. Focus on your breathing to begin with, then just let the float happen.

I will be going back in in about a week and a half, and I will definitely follow up with how the next float goes. Hopefully I remember to take off my Garmin so I can’t check the time.

I’ve been working on this whole anxiety/depression thing since middle school, so I definitely know that finding ways to manage that work for me is a journey. I think I am on the right path though.

Capitol Floats is a local company that I have the pleasure of partnering with in exchange for my honest review(s). All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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