Third Float’s A Charm

It takes some time to fully adjust to a new routine. And for some reason I decided it was a good idea to switch my meds at the same time I switched my work hours.

Intentional it was not, but here we are. I’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps for the past few weeks, but I know it’s normal. I would probably feel that way just switching one thing. So I am cutting myself a break for feeling “blehk” with two major changes happening at the same time.

I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety for years and years, so I am pretty good at staying at a “meh” level. Which sounds like a bummer and kind of is, but it’s way better than allowing my negative thoughts to over take me. So, meh it is.

Before a recent concert we did through work, I decided to book another float at Capitol Floats. I went in at noon, and check-in for the show was at 3:30, so I was cutting it close. Which of course heightened my anxiety. Sometimes I am a big ol’ dummy.

But the good news is, everything worked out. It was my third time floating and I did my normal “try to float in every possible position” for a good 10-15 minutes. Then I  decided to just count my breaths for as many as I could with the hope that I would just zone out.

My first time floating I kept the blue light on and the music. The second time I turned off the light, and that was a big improvement. However, I wore my watch which I would recommend never doing. You WILL check the time throughout the float and that takes away from the experience and makes it really hard to be in the moment.

So, I was ready to give it my all on this float. And let me tell you…something just clicked. I forgot my watch, I turned off the light AND the music, and counted. I counted over 100 breaths.

In fact, I thought my body way numb because I had no real grasp of where it was. Turns out, I was just so relaxed that I was basically one with the water. Which sounds whatever, but it’s true. Suddenly the lights and music turned on and I was like, “I DID IT!”

Apparently the third float is often the magic one, which makes sense. The first time you do it, you get the concept but putting it into practice is so awkward. The second time you know more of what you’re doing, but an hour in a float tank still seems a little absurd. But that third time…it was so therapeutic.

I got out feeling lighter and more relaxed. Even if it was just for a few hours, I didn’t have those nagging knots in my stomach. Of course, that made me a lot more productive and open at the concert. And it’s always nice to feel like you’re doing good work as an employee.

The time between float two and three was greater than I wanted it to be. I was aiming for three weeks but work and car problems got in the way. It was probably about a month in between, but even floating once a month is turning out to be super helpful

I also just made an appointment with a therapist, so I am interested/excited to see how the combination of both works out for me. Bouts to be addressing my mental health on all of the levels. Like a boss.

Capitol Floats is a local company that I have the pleasure of partnering with in exchange for my honest review(s). All thoughts & opinions are my own.